Is It Worth Paying for AppleCare+ ? [Clear Answer]

I upgraded my iPhone to the 15 Pro and am wondering if AppleCare+ is really worth it. But it costs too much. Will you guys pay for the AppleCare+ service?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on May 24, 2024

If it's worth paying AppleCare+, it depends on your needs and habits.

If you use your Apple device frequently, especially outdoors or in situations where the environment could leave your device susceptible to damage, the accidental damage coverage provided by AppleCare+ may be a good deal. Repair costs for Apple devices are generally higher, especially for screens and accidental damage. AppleCare+ provides low-cost repair services. AppleCare+ provides longer coverage (usually two years) and covers up to two accidental damages.

You may also consider your financial ability to afford damage to your equipment. If you can easily afford a full repair or replacement after accidental damage, AppleCare+ may not be necessary. If you frequently upgrade your devices, AppleCare+ may be less necessary, as new devices usually come with a certain standard warranty. For high-value devices such as iPhones, Macbooks, etc., taking into account the cost of repair or replacement, AppleCare+ has a higher value. Additional insurance may not be needed for small accessories such as AirPods.

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You can decide whether AppleCare+ is right for you based on your usage habits, device type, budget and risk tolerance, and repair costs.

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