Does a Factory Reset Delete eSIM? [Clear Answer]

I need to factory reset my iPhone to factory defaults, but I am afraid of losing the eSIM. I am on iOS 17 on an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Does a factory reset delete eSIM?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Jun 27, 2024

No, a factory reset does not delete an eSIM. Factory Reset can restore your device to its factory default state. This process will delete all data stored on the device by the user, including settings, applications, personal files, etc. An eSIM is a digital SIM that is embedded directly into a device. It does not rely on the device's software or system configuration. Operations such as restoring factory settings will not delete eSIM account information.

Actually, deleting eSIM depends on your choice. In many cases, devices will ask if you will keep your eSIM. When you do a factory reset on your iPhone, it has an "erase data and keep eSIMs" option. You can choose it to retain your eSIM profiles. When you do a factory reset on Android, you can choose whether to erase your eSIMs. If you don't select to erase eSIM, a factory reset will not delete your eSIM.

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