Why Does Apple Make It So hard to Transfer Files from/to iPhone

I just switch from Android to an iPhone. It seems that it's extremely difficult to transfer data between iPhone and other devices. When I connect my iPhone to the computer, I can only get access to photos and they are HEIC. Why it is so hard to transfer photos/videos from iPhone to PC?

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Gorilla· Answered on Apr 01, 2024

  • Closed Ecosystem: compared to the open Android system, Apple manages to create a closed, secure, and private environment on iPhone. Apple prioritizes security and encryption to protect user data. This can make it harder to access and transfer files between devices.
  • Data Transfer Dependency: In the past, transferring files between an iPhone and a PC often required the use of iTunes, which some users found cumbersome. With the introduction of later data transferring services, features like iCloud, AirDrop, iCloud Drive, and Move to iOS provide alternative methods for transferring files between devices. However, there are still many limitations when transferring data from/to iPhone.

How to break the iOS limitations and transfer files between iPhone and PC freely?

Here we recommend ourselves. The EaseUS team developed a professional iOS data transfer software called EaseUS MobiMover, which is able to do the following things:

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  • manage and delete files from iPhone on computer.
  • available on Windows or MacOS.
  • support transferring photos, videos, music, movies, documents, contacts, notes, and other content.
  • convert HEIC to JPG easily.

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