Does iCloud Backup Deleted Text Messages?

I accidentally deleted a text message on my iPhone 15. I usually back up the data on my phone to iCloud. Does iCloud back up deleted text messages? Can I restore them from iCloud?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Mar 29, 2024

Does iCloud back up deleted text messages? It depends on the situation.

Situation 1: iCloud backup deleted text messages.

This usually happens when you have backed up your text messages before deleting them. At this point, iCloud has already backed up your deleted text messages. You can restore the deleted iPhone messages directly from iCloud.

Situation 2: iCloud doesn't back up deleted text messages.

iCloud backup doesn't include deleted files. If your last backup file doesn't contain your deleted information, then you can't get them back on iCloud. This time, iCloud doesn't back up the deleted text messages.

If iCloud backs up your deleted text messages, you can follow the steps to restore deleted messages on your iPhone.

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings option.

Step 2. During setup, head to the Apps & Data screen.

Step 3. Click 'Restore from iCloud Backup.'

Step 4. Choose the data to restore.

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