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How to Change Location in Pokémon GO


Myra updated on Oct 31, 2022 to Virtual Location

Why Do You Need to Change Location in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a popular AR game that combines gaming with the real world. To enjoy more fun playing the game, you need to go out, move between different places, or go to a specific location. That could be easy for some players. But it may be difficult or impossible for you to go to a specific location or go outside to play the game sometimes. That's when you need to change location in Pokémon GO without actually moving.

Can You Change Location in Pokémon GO Without Moving

There is no built-in option on your iPhone that enables you to spoof location on the device. Thus, you will need a third-party tool to get things done.

As you may know, there are both desktop software and mobile apps that could help to spoof Pokémon GO. You may think desktop software is inconvenient since it needs a computer to work. Honestly speaking, using a desktop program is a better choice given that you may need to jailbreak your iPhone to install a location spoofer app on your iPhone and some location fakers don't really change your iPhone location but show a screenshot of the fake location on the map.

Therefore, I will show you how to change the location in Pokémon GO on your iPhone with a reliable Pokémon GO spoofer using a computer. (If you want to spoof Pokémon GO on Android, go to the related guide instead.)

How to Change Location in Pokémon GO

With the trustworthy Pokémon GO spoofer - EaseUS MobiAnyGo, you will be able to change location in Pokémon GO on your iPhone with a few simple clicks. Whether you want to change your iPhone to a specific location or move between two/multiple locations, you can get your needs met with this tool.

In addition to playing Pokémon GO, you can also apply this tool when you need to:

  • Share a virtual location on social platforms
  • Prevent apps from tracking your real location
  • Work with some location-based apps
  • Play other AR games

Let's see how to change location in Pokémon GO with EaseUS MobiAnyGo:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and run EaseUS MobiAnyGo. Then, agree to the disclaimer and click "Start" to proceed. Note: Before you proceed, remember to stop all location-based apps running on the background.

connect your device to computer

Step 2. Unlock your device and trust this computer. Afterwards, wait for the computer to load.

Load your device

Step 3. Once the loading process completes, choose the "Teleport Mode" button in the top-right corner of the screen. Next, you can look for any locations on the search bar or adjust the pin to anywhere you want to go. Click "Move" to alter your location on the iPhone. Afterward, go to any location-based app on your iPhone and you will see your iPhone location has been changed already.

Change the location on your iPhone

More Information About the Pokémon GO spoofer

There are some details you may want to know about this location changer:

When you first connect your iPhone with this software, the location shown in the program is the IP address of your computer. If it doesn't accord with your iPhone location and you want to move from your current iPhone location to another one, you can use the Teleport Mode to change your iPhone to the location that you want to set as the source one and then switch to the Two-spot Mode to set your device to move from one place to another.

Besides, since Pokémon GO has been equipped with an anti-cheating measure that prevents players from spoofing locations in the game, it's important for you to stop any location-based apps before you change location in Pokémon GO on your iPhone. Make sure you follow the instructions on the Pokémon GO spoofer strictly to minimize the chance of getting your account banned.

The Bottom Line

To spoof Pokémon GO, you will need third-party software or app to help. Compared with mobile apps, desktop programs works more efficiently and provides more security. No jailbreak is needed and you can really change your iPhone location shown in a map or other location-based apps. Don't hesitate to give it a try.