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How to Change Your Password on Your Phone [Step by Step]

Gorilla updated on Jun 12, 2023 | Home > Android Unlocking Tips

How to change your password on your phone if you get tired of that string of numbers or you just happen to forget it? Don't worry when you encounter such a problem. Here in this tutorial, we will share with you how to change your password on your phone in Settings or when it's locked. Now let's take a look.

Part 1. How to Change Your Password on Your Phone When Locked

As we know, the lock screen of an Android phone includes five basic types: password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and face lock. It could be complicated to unlock Android phone without password. But if you get locked out of your phone, you have no choice but to find some way to remove it when locked. In the following, we will share with you three efficient ways to unlock Android phone. Once you get access to your phone again, you can transfer Android data to PC for backup to avoid data inaccessibility due to the forgotten screen lock.

1. The Best Way to Change Phone Password on Android

When you forget the password, don't panic. In this section, we will recommend an Android unlocking tool to help you remove the screen lock in a few minutes. That is EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android, Which is dedicated to removing the lock screen on almost all Android phones. Regardless of password, pattern, PIN, fingerprint, or face lock. It is able to bypass them all. For most Android phones, this powerful tool will wipe all the data that is previously on the device after the unlocking process. For some old Samsung phone, it removes the lock screen without losing data. In addition, it is able to bypass FRP lock on Samsung.

For most Android other than old Samsung, you can follow the steps below to remove the lock screen on your Android devices:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android. To unlock phone without password, PIN, or Pattern Lock, choose Remove Screen Lock.

Launch Phone Unlocker

Step 2. EaseUS MobiUnlock supports a wide range of Android phone. Choose your phone brand from the interface. Since the unlocking procedure varies according to the brand, just follow the onscreen instructions to unlock the Android phone.

Choose phone brand

Step 3. After following the step-by-step guide, you can unlock Android phone without password, PIN, or patter lock successfully.

Unlock complete

2. How to Factory Reset Android Phone When Locked

In addition to EaseUS MbiUnlock for Android, you can also reset your Android phone via a factory reset. It will return your Android device to its original factory settings and erase everything on the device. In this way, the password configuration files will be deleted, too. But the external factory reset process may be more cumbersome than EaseUS MbiUnlock for Android. It uses hardware buttons to put your phone into Recovery Mode.

Here's how to change your password on your phone when it's locked:

Step 1. Power off.

Step 2. Press the Volume Down and the Power buttons to enter the Recovery Mode.

Step 3. Select Wipe data/factory reset by using the Volume Down and the Power buttons.

Step 4. Follow the same approach to select Factory data reset > Reboot system now.

Step 5. After the device reboots, you will access your phone and set a new password.

unlock a phone via a factory reset

That's all it takes to apply Wipe Data/Factory Reset on Android.

3. How to Unlock Phone Without Password via Find My Device

The last effective solution is called Find My Device. It is developed by Google to find the lost Android devices. And you can take advantage of its locking feature to lock your Android device with a new password. However, to use this service, the Location service and the Find My Device feature should be enabled on your locked device, or it is not available for you.

When you're ready, follow the steps below to unlock phone with Find My Device:

Step 1. Go to the Find My Device website.

Step 2. Log in with your Google account.

Step 3. Choose your locked Android device on the screen.

Step 4. Then select SECURE DEVICE.

Step 5. Then set a new password for your Android phone.

Step 6. Five minutes later, you can use this password to unlock your phone.

unlock phone without password using Find My Device

Part 2. How to Change Your Password on Your Phone in Settings

If you want to change the lock screen type or use a stronger passcode to replace the original one, you can change your password on your phone in Settings. Note that all Android phones from different phone brands don't have a standard operating process. But it seems to be much the same.

Here we will take a Samsung phone as an example:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Tap on Lock Screen.

Step 3. Then select Screen lock type.

Step 4. You will be asked for a security PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Step 5. Then choose your new Screen Lock Type and enter the passcode.

change the lock screen type

You will be able to unlock your Android device with the newly set passcode. If you don't want to use a lock screen to lock your phone, you can also disable it from here. Changing or resetting the phone password from Settings is quite easy.


In this article, we have mentioned how to change your password on your phone when it gets locked or unlocked. If you can't get access to your phone due to the lock screen, it is strongly recommended to try EaseUS MbiUnlock for Android to bypass the lock with a few clicks on your computer.

I sincerely hope this post is useful and helps you out of this dilemma. You are welcome to contact me on Twitter if you have any further questions or concerns about this guide.

FAQs on How to Change Your Password on Your Phone

For more information on how to change your password on your phone, you are welcome to check the following frequently asked questions below.

1. Can I recover photos after a factory reset?

You can restore images after a factory reset on Android using Google Photos, Google Disk, or another backup drive as long as you back up these data before a factory reset. You may also even try a third-party Android data recovery software to recover lost data after a factory reset.

2. Can data be transferred from a locked phone?

You can't access any information and data on your locked phone. You must first unlock the screen to transfer your data. So there's no way to transfer data from a locked phone.

3. Can I boot my Android device in Safe Mode to unlock the built-in lock screen of my phone?

Unfortunately no. The lock screen removal with Safe Mode is only available with the lock screen from a third-party lock application. You can unlock your Android device via a factory reset if you want to bypass the lock screen through these hardware buttons that come with your phone.



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