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3 Ways to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android

Myra updated on Mar 28, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

Moving your messages from an iPhone to an Android device can be a tough nut to crack. It is because both devices work on different platforms and have different message storage techniques. However, it doesn't mean you can't transfer messages from iPhone to Android. Both professional tools and general methods exist to transfer your messages to Android devices from your iPhone.

In this article, you will learn how to transfer messages from iPhone to Android using three methods. All methods are explained with step-by-step details for your ease.

Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android via iTunes Backup

iTunes is an official tool by Apple to manage iPhones using a computer. It is also used to create and restore iPhone backups. Since it creates a backup of all data on your iPhone, including messages, you can use the backup to transfer messages from iPhone to Android. You follow these steps to transfer messages using the iTunes backup:

Step 1. After installing the latest version of iTunes, connect your iPhone to the computer. Press "Trust" in the "Trust This Computer" prompt on the iPhone. In iTunes, click the device icon and select the "Summary" tab.

Step 2. Here, navigate to the "Backups" section and select "This Computer" as the backup location. If the backup encryption is selected, uncheck it. Next, click "Backup Up Now" to start the process and wait for it to complete.

Step 3. Once the backup is completed, find the backup folder on your system. For Windows, you will navigate to the "App Data" folder in the "Username" through "Users". Here, open "Roaming" and find the "Apple Computer" folder to access "MobileSync."

Step 4. Now, select and open the "Backup" folder in "MobileSync" to access the recently backed-up files. Here, you need to find the file named "3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28" for the messages from the "3d" folder and copy it to the desktop. ( Windows Location: \Users\ \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ )

Step 5. If you are a Mac user, after creating the backup of your iPhone, move to the "Application Support" in the "Library" folder. Here, open the "MobileSync" folder to access the "3d" folder and find the "3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28" file while being inside the "Backup."( Mac Location: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ )

Step 6. Afterward, unplug your iPhone and connect the Android to the computer. Now, copy the file "3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28" to the phone storage. You can also copy it to the SD card if it is available.

navigate to backups section

Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android via iSMS2droid

Not all Android devices are able to load messages directly from the text messages file from iTunes backup. However, many great third-party applications are available on the Google Play Store, which you can use to import messages to your phone. One of these apps is iSMS2droid, widely used to transfer messages from iPhone to Android. Use these steps to transfer messages through iSMS2droid:

Step 1. After creating the iPhone backup through iTunes, find the backup folder to find the "3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28" file. Now, copy the file to the Android phone and unplug it.

Step 2. On the Android device, install the iSMS2droid app from the Google Play Store and launch it. After giving the required permissions, tap "Import Messages" and select the file you copied. Next, choose an option to import the messages as you desire. For all messages, proceed with the "Import All" option.

Step 3. The app will start importing all messages to your Android device. The processing time will depend on the number of messages. Afterward, you can access all the messages from your phone's messaging app.

Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android via Wondershare MobileTrans

Finding the process to transfer messages from iPhone to Android using iTunes backup file too hard? In this case, you can use a professional tool like Wondershare MobileTrans to transfer messages. It is a great tool that can move your messages along with other data from iPhone to Android in a matter of seconds. You will need to use a PC or MacBook to use this method.

To transfer messages using MobileTrans, you will need to connect both devices to a computer. Afterward, you can choose the data along with the text messages you want and transfer it. Additionally, it is available for all the latest iPhone and Android devices.


To sum this discussion up, transferring messages is an essential part of the switching process from iPhone to Android. The methods discussed in this article make it clear that moving messages between iPhone and Android isn't a complex process despite the bad reputation. You can use any of these methods to transfer messages from iPhone to Android safely and quickly.

FAQs on Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android

Got more queries about how to transfer messages from iPhone to Android? Refer to the FAQs answered below regarding this issue:

1. How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy?

You can use Wondershare MobileTrans to transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy using these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to a computer and launch MobileTrans. Select "Phone to Phone" in "Phone Transfer" and assign correct positions to the devices, with iPhone being "Source" and Samsung Galaxy being "Destination."
  • Now, select the text messages from the available data options and hit "Start" to begin the transfer process.

2. Can I transfer messages from iPhone to Android without a computer?

Yes, you can transfer messages from iPhone to Android without a computer. You can use the messaging app itself to forward messages one-by-one to the Android device. Other methods include using a social messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to send messages.

3. How to transfer messages from iPhone to Android wirelessly?

Follow these steps to transfer messages from iPhone to Android wirelessly:

  • On your iPhone, open the Messages app and take screenshots of the messages you want to move. You can take screenshots from the "Side" and "Volume Up" buttons.
  • After taking all the screenshots, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and select the chat where you want to send the files. Use the attachment icon to upload all the screenshots and send them.



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