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How to Send iPhone Video to Android in 4 Ways

sofia albert
Sofia Albert updated on May 26, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

As you know, iOS and Android are completely different mobile operating systems, so you probably find it nearly impossible to freely send iPhone video to Android or swap any data between an iPhone and an Android device. However, it is necessary to be able to share files between these two distinguished OS when your family, friends, or colleagues uses a different device from yours.  

This article explains how to transfer video from iPhone to Android in 4 ways. Some of the workarounds are easy and you might have already learned, but more details will be covered to help you better master the data transfer between an iPhone and an Android phone. Some of the methods may be new to you, so just follow the guide to successfully share your favorite videos on your iPhone with those having an Android phone. 

Can a Video Be Sent from iPhone to Android

Of course, any type of personal data excluding personalized system preferences can be sent from an iPhone to an Android phone, be it videos, documents, photos, emails, or other media files. 

cannot send an iphone video to android bluetooth

A lot of people may ask "Can I send iPhone video to Android using Bluetooth?" Unfortunately, the answer to this question is negative. Even though iPhone has a Bluetooth feature, the iOS operating system only permits wireless data transmission to and from Apple devices and a specified list of non-Apple devices, such as car stereos and Bluetooth music speakers. iOS restricts Bluetooth on iPhone from transferring data to or from Android devices, so a video cannot be sent from iPhone to Android using Bluetooth technology.

Since Bluetooth cannot be used to directly transfer iPhone video to Android devices, you need to look into alternatives.

Send iPhone Video to Android through Text & Email (Quality Loss)

Do you know that you can send a short video from your iPhone to another Android phone through messages and emails? This method is fast and convenient, but it has a limitation on file size and most often the quality of your videos will be reduced. 

How to send iPhone video to Android through Messages on iPhone

Step 1. Open the messaging app on your iPhone and select the Edit icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Add a receiver, and click the camera icon to open the camera.

Step 3. Click the photos icon at the top left corner of your screen and this will display your recent photos and videos in your album. 

Step 4. Select the video you want to send and click the green upward arrow to send it. 

send iphone video to android via text

You can also send iPhone video to Android phone via email as an attachment. Just open an Email app on your iPhone and attach the video. The commonly used Yahoo and Gmail have 25MB as the size limit while Hotmail and iCloud Mail only support 20MB at maximum. 

If you want to retain the high quality of your videos, the guides below ensure that you can send video iPhone to Android without losing quality. 

Send Video from iPhone to Android Manually Using Drag & Drop

If you want to send large video files like movies or video tutorials from iPhone to Android, using a computer as an intermediary is a wise option. This method doesn't require a network connection and is best for transferring multiple videos from iPhone to Android at one time.

How to get videos from iPhone to Android using a computer

Step 1. Connect both the iPhone and the Android device to your Windows PC using USB cables. Grant the PC trust and access to the data on both devices. 

Step 2. Open My Computer/This PC to find the iPhone and the Android phone in Portable Devices. 

Step 3. Double-click to open your iPhone, open the DCIM folder, and locate the video you would like to transfer.

Step 4. Double-click to open your Android phone, and open its DCIM folder or any folder you want to save the transferred data.

Step 5. Drag and drop the video from the iPhone to the folder on the Android phone. 

send veideo iphone to android using pc


Transfer iPhone Video to Android over a Cloud Service

Cloud storage is more than a data backup method, but is also often used as a data-sharing solution. Another wireless alternative to send iPhone video to Android is to utilize a cloud service such as Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and Dropbox. Google Drive is a more advisable option because it provides 15GB of free storage while iCloud offers 5GB and Dropbox only gives you 2GB. 

How to transfer iPhone video to Android using Google Drive

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. Uploading large videos to cloud storage requires a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection. 

Step 2. Download the Google Drive app on your iPhone, and sign into your Google account.

Step 3. Tap the plus icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and select Upload > Photos/Videos.

Step 4. Select the videos you want to send and tap Upload from the top-right corner.

Step 5. Open the Google Drive app on your Android phone and find the recently uploaded videos.

Step 6. Tap the three-dot icon next to each video and select Download to save the videos on your Android device. upload video to google drive

If you are doing this through Google Drive's official website, you can right-click the video file and select Share to create a shareable link and send the link to your friends or coworkers. They can access your uploaded video via their own Google account. 

share video link google drive

Send iPhone Video to Android Phone by a Third-Party App

If you need to frequently transmit videos, especially enormously large videos, from iPhone to Android, the most efficient way is to use an iOS-to-Android data transfer software program. They are either dedicated mobile apps that can be downloaded from App Store or desktop applications that need to be installed on a Mac or Windows PC. 

iphone to android data transfer app

A third-party video transfer tool usually doesn't have limitations on file size, Wi-Fi connection, or Google account. The data transmission is usually automatic and the speed of large video file transfer is very satisfying. 

Wrapping up 

Today you can easily capture and store lovely moments in life or learning materials for school in form of video on your iPhone. However, how to send iPhone video to Android becomes a headache when you want to share it with people around.

Since you cannot directly send video iPhone to Android via Bluetooth, this article introduces 4 practical ways to help you successfully transfer iPhone video to Android phone. Follow them to share your favorite videos around free of boundaries. 

FAQs about Sending iPhone Videos to Android

1. Can I send a video from iPhone to Samsung?

Yes, you can send a video from iPhone to Samsung using text messages, a cloud-based drive, a computer, or iPhone to Android video transfer app. 

2. How do I send high-quality videos from iPhone to Android?

If you want to send videos from iPhone to Android without losing quality, the best way is to connect both iPhone and Android device to a Windows computer and then drag and drop the videos from iPhone to Android. 

3. How to send video from iPhone to Android Bluetooth?

You cannot directly send iPhone video to Android using Bluetooth because Bluetooth on iPhone is not allowed for data transmission to and from Android devices. 



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