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Move to iOS from Android [All-Around Guidance]

Myra updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

iPhone 15 is coming out this September, which has raised many Android users' desire to change their phones to iOS due to the new features and add-ons within the coming iPhone. However, a troublesome problem awaits you: How to Move to iOS from Android. Don't worry. We've got your back. Whether you want to transfer all your data from Android to iPhone or just certain types of files, you can find the solutions you want.

Before You Switch from Android to iPhone

🆙Update all apps and back up Android.

Considering that some apps work well with Android but maybe not with the iOS system, you need to update all your apps to the latest to reduce the likelihood of adaptability problems appearing. Also, to prevent data loss during the transfer procedure, you'd better have a backup of your old Android.

🆕Keep Android accessories relying on Bluetooth.

As you abandon Android, consider what you can't take with you. Your phone case won't be compatible with your new iPhone, and your desktop dock may not be either, but there's a good chance that any Android accessories relying on Bluetooth should work fine with your new iPhone. What's more, most speaker accessories and docks have iPhone compatibility as standard, so you can still use them as usual. Even wired headphones can work with the iPhone 13/14, though you need to buy a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter.

How to Move All Android Data to iOS

Want to migrate all your data on Android at once with ease? The following methods meet your demand perfectly: one is transferring to iOS from Android with EaseUS MobiMover; the other with Move to iOS. Although Move to iOS can share most of your data smoothly, it doesn't support music, books, and PDF transfer. Therefore, EaseUS MobiMover is recommended.

Software EaseUS MobiMover Move to iOS
Data Transfer Wired Transfer Wireless Transfer





  • A correct cable is needed.
  • A computer is required.
  • You have to transfer music, books, and PDFs manually.
  • You have to enter a one-time code to do the data transfer.

Transfer Everything at Once with Data Transfer Software

EaseUS MobiMover Pro is the ideal data transfer tool for you to migrate your files, especially suitable for the situation when you change your phone. It is so powerful and effective that it enables you to back up your iPhone and transfer data in one click.

EaseUS MobiMover:

A new feature to transfer data between iOS and Android is about to release. Please stay tuned.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiMover, choose Phone to Phone transfer mode, and connect your mobile devices to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to trust this computer and enable USB debugging on your Android phone. Switch your Android phone as the source device and your iPhone as the destination.

connect your device to computer

Step 2. Click Next, and EaseUS MobiMover will be downloaded to your Android. Follow the guide to turn off Find My iPhone via Settings. (You need to set MobiMover as your default SMS app temporarily when it is asked, but this software will guide you to set it back to Messages after the transfer.)

install the app to your android

Step 3. Select the files you want to transfer, and from the lower right, you can see whether you have enough space to store the transferred files.

select files

Step 4. Click Transfer to start the data transfer process from Android to iPhone. Keep your devices connected until the whole process ends.

transfer completed

Transfer to iPhone from Android with Move to iOS

Move to iOS is an app developed by Apple for the benefit of Android users to move data across platforms wirelessly. You can download it by scanning the QR code during your new iPhone 14/13 setup or heading to Google Play directly. Move to iOS is almost perfect for sharing files between iOS and Android without a computer, but it doesn't support music, books, and PDF transfer. In this case, you can use Move to iOS to transfer most of your data to the new iPhone and turn to the next part to move books and PDF files from Android.

For want of a complete guide on how to use this app? The following passage meets your demand nicely.


How to Use Move to iOS with Detailed Guide in 2023

Move to iOS is an Android-to-iPhone transfer app designed by Apple. Suppose you want to switch your Android to iPhone; this article provides a complete guide on how to use Move to iOS. Also, if you encounter any problem like Move to iOS not working, you will find solutions here. Read more >>

A more visual option is also available. Check this video guide released by Apple Support.

  1. 00: 32 - Move data from Android
  2. 00: 48 - Install the Move to iOS app
  3. 01: 17 - Enter the code displayed on your iPhone
  4. 01:54 - Finish transfer process

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How to Move Certain Types of Content to iPhone

Usually, you will move your most data to the new iPhone from your old Android during the setup. However, if you want to transfer the only type of files, the following content is what you are looking for.

📲Transfer Contacts

Contacts are essential must-haves that should be stored in your new iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7, so you can recognize your colleagues and old friends when they call you up. With the contacts saved on your Android SIM card, you can upload them to your Google account and access them on your iPhone.

There is what you are going to do:

  • Insert the SIM card into your device.
  • On your Android phone, open the Contacts app.
  • At the bottom, tap Fix & Manage > Import from SIM.
  • If you have multiple accounts on your device, pick the account where you want to save the contacts.

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📷Sync Photos, Videos, and Music

Photos and videos record the best moments of your life, be they happy memories, touching recollections, sad departing instants, or tough days. And it is believed that you don't want to leave all these precious reminiscences behind when you change your phone. No need to worry cause we are here to help you out.


  • 🔍A computer, your old Android phone, and your new iPhone.
  • 🧵A correct cable to connect your source and target devices to your computer.
  • ⬇️Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the computer and save music and videos to the computer. Run iTunes and then connect your iPhone to your computer.

transfer photos music videos to iphone

Step 2. In the iTunes Window, click File > Add Folder to Library. Browse your computer to find the music, photo, and video folder and transfer them to iTunes Library.

transfer multimedia files to itunes library

Step 3. Click your iPhone under DEVICES to get the iPhone control panel. Click the Music tab > Sync Music. Tick your wanted music or playlists and click Apply. Next, go to the Photos and Movies tab, do the same: select the desired files, and click Apply.

sync movies photos music to iphone

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📖Migrate Books and PDFs

Finder on Mac is used to manipulate files. When transferring PDFs, you can copy and paste the items to its management window. And before that, Finder allows you to locate the documents from its "Search bar."

How to transfer PDFs to iPhone from Android using Finder?

Step 1. Connect your Android to your Mac, and open Android File Transfer to browse and copy your books and PDFs to your Mac. Open Finder on your Mac before linking your iPhone to the Mac via a lightning USB cord.

Step 2. Once your device is identified, select your device in the Finder and click the "Documents" tab from the left sidebar.

transfer pdf to iphone using finder

Step 3. If you want to copy PDF only, opt for the PDF files. And they will certainly be compatible with the iBook app on your iPhone.

Step 4. Finally, drag the files to the iBooks app on your device to initiate the transfer task.

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Final Words: Welcome to iOS

After the move to iOS from Android process completes, you can use your new iPhone at will. At first glance, you may feel a bit strange at your iPhone since it's completely different from Android, regardless of the phone's design or the operating interface. However, you will get used to it soon.

Related Questions on Move to iOS from Android

1. Can I use Move to iOS after setup?

Unfortunately, you are not able to use Move to iOS after setup unless you erase all content and settings from your iPhone. Alternatively, there is a much more versatile data transfer tool - EaseUS MobiMover, which can back up your devices and transfer files between iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac in a few clicks, no matter whether you set up your iPhone or not. More importantly, it has got its new features coming soon to better user experience.

2. Is it difficult to switch from Android to iPhone?

After using Android for years, it will be challenging to change it to iPhone, especially when you move all your data to the new iPhone. However, things are easier these days since you can find kinds of third-party software on the market to help you transfer files across platforms. Here, it is worth mentioning Move to iOS, supported by Apple with its restriction that you have to transfer books, music, and PDFs manually.

3. Can Smart Switch transfer from Samsung to iPhone?

No, Smart Switch only allows you to transfer contacts, photos, videos, music, calendar, and more to Samsung Galaxy. You cannot transfer any content to an iOS device.