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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using iCloud [Fast & Simple]

Myra updated on Aug 16, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

Apple's iPhone and Android are two of the dominant mobile phone devices in the world today. While iPhones might be the premier choice in Northern America, Android is prevalent in the rest of the world. The reason a lot of people revere the iPhone is the quality of its images—and the abilities of its camera.

It's known to take some of the most realistic images with the highest quality possible. However, one thing that a lot of people struggle with is how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without losing quality.

So, is it possible? Can you transfer images from iPhone to Android in a simple way? The answer is yes; you can use iCloud and various other options. In this article, we will explore how you can do it with iCloud and talk about other options to move your images.

Therefore, let's find out how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using iCloud.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using iCloud

Using iCloud to transfer photos from iPhone to Android might sound like a difficult idea. However, it's quite a straightforward affair. Whether you're using a PC or a Mac, you can simply use the iCloud application to sync your images and download them to your PC.

The first thing you will do is log into your iCloud account and download the photos you need on your PC. From there, you can easily transfer them to your Android using a USB cable. So, without downloading the app, here's how you'll do it:

Step 1. Go to on your PC.

Step 2. Sign in using your Apple ID.

Step 3. Head into the Photos option.

Step 4. Select one or multiple images to download to your PC

Step 5. Wait for images to download in the ZIP folder.

Step 6. Unzip the folder on your PC.

Step 7. Copy the files to your Android device.

download photos

And that is how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using iCloud. This is the quickest and safest way to transfer your images without compromising quality, as it ensures you download the images in full quality on your PC first.

Alternatives to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using iCloud

Now we know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using iCloud; however, that's not the only way you can transfer images from iPhone to Android. There are other viable options and alternatives that you can use.

And perhaps you'll find them even easier than the iCloud method. In this section, we're going to talk about three other ways that allow you to transfer photos from iPhone to Android. Here they are:

1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using Google Drive

The first method is to use Google Drive to sync your images and move them between your Android and iPhone. This method will help you transfer the images quite easily and also allow you to save ample time trying to copy each image. So, here's what you'll do:

Step 1. Open Google Drive on your iPhone.

Step 2. Head into Settings.

Step 3. Tap on the Backup and sync option.

Step 4. Toggle Back up & sync ON.

Step 5. Leave your iPhone for a few minutes to let it sync.

Now, the next step is to sync these photos with Google Photos on your Android. Therefore, once the sync has been completed, here's what you're going to do:

Step 1. Open Google Photos.

Step 2. Tap the Settings option.

Step 3. Head into Google Photos settings.

Step 4. Toggle Backup & sync ON.

Step 5. Let your Android sync images.

backup and sync goggle on

This will sync your iPhone images with your Android phone. This might take a while, so you can also go to your Google Drive and download individual images to save time. However, this option will save you ample time and allow you to transfer your images a lot quicker.

2. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using a Computer

You can use your PC in various ways to transfer photos to your Android. For instance, if you have synced photos with Google Drive, you can easily download images on your PC and then transfer them to your Android.

Or, you can use iCloud on your PC and download photos on your PC first, then transfer them to your Android. Here's how:

From there, you can transfer your photos from your PC to your Android. Since all you'll have to do is copy and paste once you have the images on your PC, the first step is to get your iPhone images on your PC. Here's how:

Step 1. Download iCloud for Windows or Sign into it on Mac.

Step 2. Head into the Photos/All Photos option.

Step 3. Select the Photos you wish to transfer.

Step 4. Press the download button.

Step 5. Wait for images to download on your PC.

Once the images are downloaded on your PC, connect your Android device to your PC/Mac. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect Android to PC.

Step 2. Go to My PC and open iCloud Drive.

Step 3. Head into iCloud Photos.

Step 4. Copy the images to your Android.

Step 5. Or drag and drop them into your Android device.

transfer using a computer

From there, you can also put them in a USB device and connect them to your Android phone through OTG. Once you connect a USB device to Android or Android to PC, you can easily transfer the images in a few seconds.

3. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using a Third-party Tool (Send Anywhere)

The third step is using a third-party tool that allows you to copy the data more efficiently. This tool, called Send Anywhere, can save you from all the hassle of transferring photos we've explored so far. Here's why you should pick this option over the others:

  • It's easier;
  • It copies in a few clicks;
  • It ensures/retains image quality;
  • All you need is a USB cable to connect Android and iPhone.


That's how you transfer photos from iPhone to Android using iCloud. We also explored other options that allow you to copy the photos from an iPhone to an Android, including the desktop app for iCloud. However, using Google or a third-party tool is your best option.

Not only because these options are quicker, but they save you from a ton of hassle. However, if you're short on time, then using the third-party tool should be your priority.

FAQs on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using iCloud

Here are some FAQs to address your further questions:

1. Can I transfer Photos from iCloud to Android?

Yes, you can. You'll either have to use a PC or Mac, as a lot of people complain that the iCloud website doesn't exactly work well on Android phones. Therefore, a viable alternative would be using a third-party tool to transfer images from iCloud to Android.

2. How to transfer photos from my iPhone to my new Android?

You can sync them with Google Photos/Drive and then sync them to your Android phone. Or, you can download all of your photos to your PC by using the iCloud desktop app. The third, and perhaps the best option, is to use a third-party tool that can transfer your files simultaneously.

3. Can an Android phone receive iCloud photos?

Yes, you can log into your iCloud account on the website using an Android phone. However, some users complain that photo quality isn't the same once you download them using iCloud on Android. Therefore, a better way to do it is by using a computer.