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How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Without Computer [4 Ways]

Myra updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

Switching devices can be exciting but tiring especially when it comes to how to handle file transfer. If you're in a situation where you do not have access to a computer, or simply want to try other methods of transferring photos then this article is for you!

From the wide variety of options available, you want to ensure you pick the right one. From the safety of your data, speed of transfer, ease of methods, and most importantly the steps involved. All this and more is what this guide is aimed at helping you understand.

Contained in this guide are tested and trusted methods you can use to transfer photos without using a computer, and a case method you decide to use. They are detailed step-by-step methods guaranteed to help you achieve what you want easily. Also contained here are some frequently asked Questions (FAQ) you might need so keep reading!

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Without Computer via Google Photos

Transferring photos through Google Photos is one guaranteed way to solve how to transfer photos and videos from Android to iPhone. Being easy to navigate and straightforward also makes it a common choice. To use this method, the steps you would need include;

Step 1. Begin by downloading the Google Photos app on your android device, and open the app.

Step 2. Go to Settings> find and click Backup & Sync to turn it on. This will sync all the photos on your device automatically to your Google Photos.

Step 3. Now on your iPhone, install the Google Photos app and sign in with the same Gmail account details from your Android. Simply click download to get all your photos back.

google photos

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Without Computer via Move to iOS

Changing from one device to another, especially with different operating systems doesn't need to be stressful, especially when it comes to filing transfers. Using the move to iOS, you can transfer photos from android to iPhone using the following steps;

Step 1. On your iPhone device, follow the instructions for setup until the App & Data setup screen. On this screen, choose the Move data from Android option. You'll receive a confirmation code

Step 2. On your Android device, download "Move to iOS" ensuring you agree to all the terms and conditions in using the app.

Step 3. Type in the confirmation code on your Android from your iPhone when asked, to establish the connection.

Step 4. Select the data you wish to transfer, in this case, photos to move it to your new device.

Step 5. Wait for the process bar to complete, and once it's done your photos would have been successfully transferred. You can now continue with other setup procedures.

move to ios

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Without Computer via Cloud Services

Cloud services are another transfer method you should take advantage of. Using cloud services like Dropbox is easy, and is now rampant which of course can speak to its efficiency.

The technique behind it is easy as all you need to do is upload your files from your Android to the cloud and then download them on your iPhone. Being able to share a variety of data types also makes it a good option. The steps involved to use it include;

Step 1. After downloading, open the Dropbox app on your Android device.

Step 2. Open a folder on Dropbox where you would be storing your pictures.

Step 3. Click the "+" button on your screen at the bottom, and select "Upload Photos."

Step 4. Go through and choose the photos you would like to transfer to your iPhone, and select a folder to save your images.

Step 5. Click on "Upload", and wait for your photos to finish uploading.

move data from android

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone With Computer via AnyTrans

While transferring files without a computer might be efficient, using a computer to transfer your files has some perks. Using a computer considerably makes the transfer process faster, is compatible with various phone models, and allows much more ease to carry out data transfer.

Similar to your phone-to-phone transfer, other apps help you transfer files using your computer and AnyTrans iOS data transfer is one of them. It allows you to transfer all files you want. It also allows you to preview and select only specific photos you want to send with ease in the following steps.

Step 1. Download, install, and run AnyTrans on your computer. Open the app, and connect to both your Android and iPhone.

Step 2. On your system, select Phone Switcher from the options, and click on Android phone to iPhone. Proceed to confirm both devices on your system.

Step 3. Find and select Photo Library, then select Next, to transfer from your Android to your iPhone.


Choosing to transfer photos from android to iPhone without using a computer is possible, and is also easy to navigate as the guide above has shown. An important point to note is that you have a number of options which you can choose from depending on what you're looking to do.

This guide contained step-by-step detailed procedure of all listed methods, to ensure you do it with ease. since different devices may differ for different reasons, it is good to have additional options. Also included in our FAQ section, is more information you would need.

FAQs on How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Without Computer

While this is a detailed guide we're sure has enough information, here are some other frequently asked  questions and their answers that we're certain will help you. They include;

1. How do I transfer photos from Android to iPhone manually?

You can transfer photos from Android to iPhone manually through several options available. Methods such as iCloud Photos, transfer using a computer, Google Drive, Android File transfer, etc. all of these are apps that allow you to either transfer them directly or access your data online and proceed to download if you want.

2. Can I transfer photos from Android to iPhone without a computer using an app?

Yes, you can transfer photos from android to iPhone without a computer using an app. Apps like google photos, Dropbox, email, SHAREit, etc are all apps you can try out for sending photos if you don't want to use a computer.

3. Can I transfer files from Android to iPhone without a computer?

Yes! you can transfer files from android to iPhone without a computer. By connecting both phones through cables, or by using third-party applications which are meant to make this easier. Move to iOS, Google Photos, Dropbox, etc. are some ways you can use.