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How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone after Setup [Fixed]

Myra updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

There is no speculation that Android and iPhone top the pyramid of smartphone technology. Both devices are the most widely used all over the world. However, these smartphones have completely different operating systems and voice assistants.

Also, Android has numerous phone brands (e.g Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, Oppo), while iPhone is only iOS. At one point, users of these devices would want to know how to transfer photos and videos from Android to iPhone after setup due to various reasons.

In this article, users would be guided via steps on how to successfully transfer photos from Android to iPhone and also provide answers to FAQs.

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone after Setup via SHAREit

As the name implies, SHAREit is a mobile application used to share or send files from one mobile device to another. The application was first introduced 10 years ago and it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

It serves as a multimedia file transfer application used for transferring large and small size documents. The application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and it connects both devices easily.

The following are quick steps to transfer your photos appropriately:

Step 1. Download and launch the SHAREit application on both devices and click on send on the Android device.

Step 2. Go to local files, click on photos on the Android device and select the pictures you want to transfer and click on send.

Step 3. After selection, a blue screen pops up on the Android device, then, tap "connect to iOS/WP" which is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen, then click on next.

Step 4. On the iPhone, tap on receive at the bottom corner, and then, a screen pops up showing available hotspot names. Choose "Androidshare…" to connect with the Android. The pictures automatically transfer to the iPhone.

click on recieve

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone after Setup via SendAnywhere

SendAnywhere is a mobile sharing application that sends and receives files from one device to another. Like other file transfer applications, It works perfectly on both Android and iPhone but with little uniqueness. Files are sent using 6-digit keys and links.

The mobile application can be downloaded on the respective app store for Android and iPhone. The following are steps to follow when using SendAnywhere to transfer photos from Android to iPhone after setup:

Step 1. Download SendAnywhere on your Android and iPhone. Launch the app on both phones, on the Android, tap on photos and select the preferred photos to be transferred.

Step 2. Click on send and a new screen pops up showing different sharing options and a QR code.

Step 3. On the iPhone, click on receive and Scan the QR code. After successfully scanning, the iPhone begins to receive the photos.

select  photos

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone after Setup via Move to iOS

Move to iOS is an Android mobile data transfer application designed to send files from Android to iPhone via a manual connection. The application makes it easy to move photos or other files from Android to iPhone.

One of the most fascinating things about Move to iOS is its easy-to-use and simple interface. It only makes use of a Wi-Fi connection and the process is initiated on the iPhone.

The following are steps to follow when you want to transfer photos from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS:

Step 1. Turn on and set up the iPhone.

Step 2. Locate Apps and Data screen, then tap on "move data from Android."

Step 3. On your Android, download, install and launch the Move to iOS application. Tap on continue when you see move from the Android screen then await a 6-digit code and enter it on the screen.

Step 4. Connect to a Wi-fi network and select photos to move to the iPhone.

move to ios

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone after Setup via Cloud Services

Cloud storage is one of the newest means of storing large data files in the cloud without the files taking up space on your device. It is a mode of computer storage that enables data to be saved on servers.

There are different kinds of cloud storage services and they are usually provided by a third-party. These providers spearhead responsibilities like managing, hosting and securing stored data in the cloud. Adhere to the following simple steps to uncover how the process works:

Step 1. Download, install and open the Google Photos application on your iPhone.

Step 2. Log in to your Android Google account on the iPhone.

Step 3. Navigate and tap on "Google photo settings."

Step 4. Turn on backup and sync, then wait for your photos to sync on the iPhone.

google photos

FAQs on How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone after Setup

There have been questions frequently asked concerning the right means to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.

1. How to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup with cable?

Transferring files from Android to iPhone is cumbersome due to different operating systems. Using a cable to transfer data is impossible. However, you would need a computer where you can first export data from the Android and then transfer the data to the iPhone through other third-party transfer tools or iTunes.

2. How to transfer data from Android to iPhone in the fastest way?

There are numerous means to transfer data from Android to iPhone and most of these methods are fast enough. However, there are faster means and one of them is using SHAREit or SendAnywhere application on Android or iPhone to send photos or other files.

3. How can I transfer data from Android to iPhone without resetting?

You don't necessarily have to reset your iPhone before you can transfer data from Android. There are third-party transfer applications that are compatible with both operating systems and can be downloaded on respective App stores. Also, you can transfer photos from a cloud storage service by just syncing accounts.


In conclusion, transferring photos from Android to iPhone after setup is not a difficult process. When assessing the steps and procedures, they are easy to understand and most of the third-party applications have user-friendly interfaces. Also, the applications are compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Smartphone users now find it easy to switch from Android to iOS and vice versa without having to lose any pictures. In line with this, there are also numerous means to transfer photos from these devices. You get to pick from any of the procedures you find easier or faster. Note that all procedures are fast.