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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android | 4 Ways

Myra updated on Mar 28, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

Switching from one device to another can really be a hassle. The difficulty is more when you are trying to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android. If you face these troubles too, this guide is just for you. One fun fact is that many people like you source for answers to solve the puzzle. Gladly we are here to help.

There are numerous methods available to connect your iPhone to your Android phone. However, you should note that they all might not suit you. The reason is not that they are inefficient; rather, they work specifically with different phone versions, operating systems, and features. 

Before choosing a method, you want to consider ease of navigation, the safety of your data, and the minimum time possible spent doing this. All of this is what we considered before writing this guide. So keep reading to find only the best options if you are planning to switch devices. Let us dive right in!

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android by Connecting Both Devices

If you're looking to transfer data from your iPhone to Android, connecting both devices is one of the best methods. Follow these  steps to help you carry this out:

Step 1. Connect both devices through a lightning USB cable and ensure it is connected, or connect via WiFi to make the transfer wirelessly.

Step 2. Proceed to select all data you want to move to your new device from videos, photos, Apps, etc.

Step 3. Select transfer, and wait for both devices to do so. Ensure both devices are charged and the process isn't tampered with for best results.

choose what to copy

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Using Samsung Smart Switch

Transferring data using Samsung Smart Switch is another method to transfer all data from contacts, messages, apps, media, etc., from your iPhone to your Android. It is compatible with various devices, from android phones to PC and, of course, iPhones.

Samsung Smart Switch is a fast and easy method to quell your worries about how to transfer data from iPhone to Android without computer. The two options are equally effective.  How do you use this method? Keep reading to find out!

For Wireless data transfer, follow the following steps

Step 1. Begin by ensuring both devices are fully charged, ensure to back up your data to your iCloud account, and disable your iMessage.

Step 2. Go to the Smart Switch app on your new device and click "Receive data."

Step 3. Under the data transfer options, select "Wireless" when asked, select iOS, then click "Transfer."

Step 4. Select "Get data from iCloud instead" when prompted, then proceed to fill in your iCloud account details. This allows Smart Switch to connect to your backup, where it identifies all transferable data.

Step 5. Select all data you want from the backup, and click on "Transfer" Once complete, a prompt to download the Android versions of your apps pops up. You can follow the instructions to continue.

connect to iphone or ipad

For USB Cord transfer, use the following steps

Step 1. Begin by getting a Lightning-to-USB-C or USB-A cable that can pair with an On-the-Go (OTG) adapter. Then open the Smart Switch app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Select "Receive data," then proceed to choose iPhone from the device type. Then connect devices.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone and Android to the appropriate cable ends of the lighting and USB cables. You will receive a prompt asking you to trust the connected device. Confirm by clicking "Trust."

Step 4. Smart Switch searches your iPhone for transferrable content and shows you a list. Here, you select all files you want to transfer and click "Transfer." Ensure your phones are kept connected till the transfer is complete.

Step 5. Since you're switching from iOS to Android OS, you'll get a notification to down Android versions of your previous app available.

Step 6. After your data is done transferring, you'll receive a notification informing you that it is safe to disconnect the USB. At this point, your data have now been successfully transferred!

data transferring

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Using Google Drive

Moving your data through Google Drive is another swift method for transferring files between Android and iPhone. 

Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to Android with Google Drive:

Step 1. Download Google Drive from the App store on your iPhone if you don't already have it, and create an account or log in to your existing account.

Step 2. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime on your iPhone by going to Settings> iMessage/FaceTime > Toggle iMessage/FaceTime to off

Step 3. Backup your data from your iPhone to google drive by going to the App Menu>Settings>Backup. Select the files you want to back up, or click on "Start Backup" to back up all data.

Step 4. Open Google Drive on your Android device and sign in with the exact details on the iPhone. By now, files would already be on your drive, meaning you can access it.

Step 5. You can find your data in different available google options, such as Photos and videos on the Google photos app. To view your contacts, you would need to first sync your contacts on your iOS device.

Step 6. Go to Settings> Contacts> Accounts> Add Account> Google to do this. Provide Login details> Next>, switch Contacts on> and select Save. Once you have done all that, open the Contact app to start the sync.

back up on google drive

Considering it supports various file types, it's also feasible to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google Drive, if you're still racking your brain on this issue.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Using MobileTrans

Transfer apps like Mobile Trans are one of the reasons why transferring data from iPhone to Android is easier than ever. The process involved in using this wireless method is easy, as all you have to do is follow a few steps;

Step 1. Download the MobileTrans App on your phone, and connect both your phones. Select the old phone option on the iPhone, and new phone on the Android.

Step 2. After confirming your phone, view all available data, and select all that you want to transfer.

Step 3. Select the option to pair your phones from the available options

Step 4. Allow the process to be completed without canceling.

FAQs on How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

Need more information to help guide you on how to transfer data from iPhone to Android swiftly and easily? Here are a few questions that might will help;

1. How do I transfer everything from my iPhone to android?

You can quickly transfer all data from your iPhone to your android device through several options such as connecting a cable, backing up all files from your old phone to google drive, and saving to a new one. You can also use third-party tools such as MobileTrans App.

2. How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung?

To transfer data from iPhone to Samsung, there are three easy methods to do so. You can do this via WiFi, a USB cable, or a PC. Whichever way you choose, you can make the transfer using Smart Switch, which is available on your Samsung phone. To find this, simply click on Settings> Accounts and back up> Smart Switch.

3. What is the easiest way to transfer data from iPhone to android?

With the multiple options available, google drive has proven to be one of the fastest methods of transferring files from iPhone to android. This can be done in minutes, and you have your device up and running.



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