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How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone for Free in 4 Ways

Myra updated on Mar 21, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

When switching from Android to iPhone, users have complained most about one thing. That thing is a complex data transfer process between two devices with different platforms. While some stable and efficient transfer tools are available, most are paid and expensive to buy. That's why every user wants to know how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free.

This article will describe four different ways on how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free. It will also include a step-by-step walkthrough for each method.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone for Free in the Official Way

Move to iOS by Apple is the official way for users to transfer data when switching from Android to iPhone. It also stands as the only official app for transferring complete Android data to iPhone. However, it has one major drawback that it can only transfer data to a factory reset iPhone during its setup process.

On the other hand, this app is completely free to use. You can use the following steps to learn how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free via Move to iOS:

Step 1. To factory reset your iPhone, open Settings and tap "General." Now scroll down to the bottom, tap "Transfer or Reset iPhone," and select "Erase All Content and Settings" on the next screen. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your iPhone.

Step 2. With the iPhone factory reset complete, start the setup process. When asked for your Apple ID, log in using your Apple ID and proceed to the "Apps & Data" screen. Here, select the "Move Data from Android" option and get the single-use code for the Move to iOS app by pressing "Continue" on the next screen.

Step 3. Now move to your Android device and launch the Move to iOS app. After agreeing to the app's terms and conditions, press "Continue" and add the code you got from your iPhone. It will establish a wireless connection between two devices.

Step 4. With the connection established, move to the "Transfer Data" tab and select the data you want to transfer. When selected, press "Continue" to start the transfer process. Wait until the progress bar on the iPhone show the process is complete.

move data from android

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone for Free Using Google Account

A Google Account is required for any Android device to function properly. To ensure your device is properly backed up, Google provides 15GB of free storage. If the data you want to transfer is less than the provided limit and you have powerful internet, you can use your Google Account to transfer data by using Google Drive. Using this method, you can transfer data like photos, videos, documents, contacts, etc.

You will also need to use the same Google Account on both devices. Follow these steps to learn how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free via Google Account:

Step 1. Navigate to the Google Drive app on your Android phone and open it. Now, tap the "+" icon and select "Upload." You will need to navigate to the targeted files and upload them to Google Drive.

Step 2. After uploading all the files, install Google Drive on your iPhone and log in using the same Google Account. After logging in, go to the targeted files, and tap the three horizontal dots icon.

Step 3. Here, select "Make Available Offline" to save the file on your iPhone. Repeat the process until all targeted files are transferred to your iPhone.

select upload

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone for Free via iTunes

iTunes or Finder is also an excellent way to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free. However, it can only transfer music, photos, and videos. If you want to transfer other data, you will need to find another way. To use this method, you need to have the latest iTunes/Finder version on your computer or Mac.

In case you have Mac, you will also need Android File Transfer to get data from the Android device. Here is how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free via iTunes/Finder:

Step 1. Start by connecting your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Now navigate to the files you want to transfer and copy them to your computer. Create the "Music," "Videos,"and "Photos" folders and copy the respective files to each folder from your device.

Step 2. Unplug your Android and plug in your iPhone once you have copied the targeted data to your computer. Afterward, launch iTunes on your computer, click "File," and tap "Add Folder to Library." Now, select the "Music" folder you created to transfer music files to the iTunes library.

Step 3. When done, click the "Device" icon from the top bar and select "Music." Here, either choose to "Sync" the entire music library or selected songs and hit "Apply" to transfer music to your iPhone. Now, perform the same procedure for your photos and videos.

sync data

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone for Free via MobileTrans

If you want to transfer your Android data to your iPhone in one go, you should use Wondershare MobileTrans. It is a dedicated phone transfer tool that can transfer all of your Android phone data from apps to WhatsApp to music playlists. Unlike Move to iOS, it doesn't require your iPhone to be factory reset. Through it, you can transfer over 18 types of data from Android to iPhone.

FAQs on How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone for Free

Transferring data from Android to iPhone can be a troublesome process. You can read the answers to the FAQs on how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free below if you have any questions:

1. What is the best free app to transfer data from Android to iPhone?

The best free app to transfer data from Android to iPhone is Move to iOS. It is also the most secure app as it is developed by Apple. However, it can only be used to transfer data when you have factory reset or set up a new iPhone. Using the app to transfer data otherwise isn't possible.

2. Can I transfer everything from Android to iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer everything from Android to iPhone. Using an app like Move to iOS, you can transfer data like messages, contacts, settings, WhatsApp, Google Account, etc. In general, multiple ways can be used to transfer data, like WhatsApp messages to notes from Android to iPhone.


To conclude the article, it can be said there are multiple ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone without using paid services. This article has listed the 4 easiest and quickest ways to answer your query about how to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free. Most of these services are secure and allow you to transfer all of your data to a new iPhone.



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