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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 in 3 Ways

sofia albert
Sofia Albert updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

The iPhone and Samsung phones are unique in their own ways; while one is a little restrictive, the other is not so much. Both take great photos, use powerful SoCs, and provide unrivaled power and experience.

But, if you recently bought an S20 as a primary device or as a secondary device and want to transfer contacts, there isn't a straightforward and easy method from Apple's side to do that, unfortunately. But we know of a few methods with which you can easily transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Continue reading as we'll show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 successfully using easy methods.

1. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 Using APP

Syncios Data Transfer is a simple solution to transferring all contacts from your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S20 with just a few clicks.

Simply download the app on your Windows PC or Mac, connect both phones to your computer, and then start transferring the contacts. It's that simple and easy!

2. Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 Using Smart Switch

Alternatively, you can use Samsung's own app called Smart Switch to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your Galaxy S20 device.

In fact, it transfers the contacts on your iPhone from the iCloud instead of the phone.

Here's how to use the Smart Switch to transfer the contacts:

Step 1. Backup your iPhone to iCloud, and make sure you've also selected "Contacts" in the iCloud backup menu to backup contacts.

Step 2. Download and install the Smart Switch app on your Samsung Galaxy S20 from the Google Play Store or Samsung Store.

Step 3. Grant all the permissions that are being asked by the app.

Step 4. Select "Wireless."

Step 5. Now, select "Receive."

Step 6. Tap on "iOS."

Step 7. Enter your Apple ID and press "OK."

Step 8. Select the "Contacts" option and tap on "Import."

Step 9. Now, the Smart Switch app will restore the contacts from your iCloud to your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Step 10. Allow a few moments until this process is completed.

3. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 Using iCloud

Moving contacts from your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S20 is much easier when both devices are synced with Google accounts.

If you don't know how to do that, follow the below steps:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and open "Settings."

Opening the settings menu of the iPhone

Step 2. Select "Contacts."

Opening the settings of the contact to configure it

Step 3. Tap on "Add account."

Selecting the "Add Account" option to add a Google account

Step 4. Sign in to your Google account by entering your login information.

Step 5. Turn on the toggle for "Contacts."

Enabling the contacts option to sync

Step 6. Now, unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 and open "Settings."

Step 7. Tap on "Accounts and Sync" and turn on synchronization if it wasn't previously turned on.

Step 8. Now the contacts will start syncing in the background, and you can find all your contacts in the next few minutes.

turn on contacts

FAQs on Transfering Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S20

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about how to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S20.

1. How do I transfer contacts from my iPhone to my Samsung S20?

You can use Samsung's Smart Switch app or a third-party app like Syncios Data Transfer. If you don't want to spend too much time downloading and then transferring the contacts, in that case, sync your Google account across your devices, and all your contacts from the iPhone will be synced to your Samsung Galaxy S20 in the background.

2. How do I sync my iPhone to my Samsung Galaxy S20?

You can do that using your Google account. Simply sign in to your Google account on both your iPhone and your Samsung Galaxy S20 and enable synchronization. Google will sync all of your contacts from your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S20 device.

3. How do I transfer data to my Samsung Galaxy S20?

To transfer data to your Samsung Galaxy S20 device, we'd recommend you download and install Samsung's Smart Switch. You can transfer various kinds of media from your iPhone or even your other Android device.

The Conclusion

Apple's restrictions on its operating system, as well as the lack of a feature to transfer data between devices, make it difficult for users who use both Android and the iPhone as primary and secondary devices.

Though Apple doesn't have a straightforward solution, you can try the above methods, such as syncing your Google account, using Samsung's Smart Switch app, or using Syncios Data Transfer.

If this article helped you, please let us know and also share it with other users who use both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S20, or any other Samsung Galaxy device, as the solutions are applicable for other Galaxy devices as well.