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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Through Gmail [Fixed]

sofia albert
Sofia Albert updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

Looking to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? Let's show you how.

Apple's iPhone is a remarkable device and one of the most popular tech gadgets in the history of humans. At the end of 2022, almost 49% of consumers were using iPhones in the United States. This should tell you its popularity and support in the region.

That's why a lot of users tend to move from Android to iPhone. But, the one problem they run into is setting up their device—especially contacts. Today, we're going to talk about how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through Gmail. So, let's get started.

Before we learn how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through Gmail, it's important to understand the context. As mentioned above, a lot of Android users shifted to iPhones and found them a bit difficult to use at first.

The first hurdle they face is the inability to move data from their previous phones to this one. While apps, photos, and other media can easily be acquired, contacts are one of the elusive things that trouble many people. Because:

  • They didn't have contacts synched into their SIM;
  • Their Google account wasn't synchronized with their contacts;
  • They didn't have any other sort of backup—except their phones.

That's why it's very important that a user transfers their contact thoroughly to Gmail first and then imports them to an iPhone. Hence, you need to know how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through Gmail. So, let's keep digging and find out what you need to do.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Through Gmail

Transferring your contacts from an android to iPhone requires you to synch it with your Gmail account. In most cases, Android users have it synched already. Otherwise, their contacts will be stored in other storages, such as:

  • The storage provided by the sim card;
  • Or the one on your phone.

So, the first step in understanding how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through Gmail is to put your contact in Gmail's synch. Here's how:
Step 1. Put your contact in Gmail's synch

  • Head into Settings of your Android phone
  • Tap Accounts and Sync (or any other option for accounts and sync, as it depends on the phone)
  • Scroll down to find Google, then tap Sync
  • Wait for the account to sync your contact and other information (IMPORTANT!)

accounts and sync

You should not stop syncing as it might take a few minutes or an hour—depending on the data you might have on your phone. Once done, you will move to your iPhone to transfer contacts to it. Here's how:

Step 2. Move to your iPhone to transfer contacts to it

  • Open the Google Contacts website
  • In the sidebar, find and click on Export
  • Then select the vCard (for iOS Contacts) option and click on Export

select vcard ios

This will download a contacts file to your PC. The next step is to sign into your iCloud using the same browser/PC. Sign into your iCloud account—the same one that you use on your iPhone. Then do this:

Step 3. Sign into your iCloud using the same browser/PC

  • Find and select Contacts on the iCloud screen
  • Toward the left-hand bottom of your screen, tap on import vCard
  • Find and choose the vCard file you just downloaded from Google
  •  Wait until the contacts are Synchronized

Once this is done, open your iPhone and follow these steps:

  • Head into iPhone Settings
  • Go into Apple ID/iCloud option (A)
  • Head into an iCloud option (B)
  • Head into Contacts (C)
  • Toggle the Contacts option ON

contacts option on

This will sync your contacts to your iPhone. You may not see them right away, as it might take an hour or so—as the iPhone does not show any progress bar or notify you when the sync is complete.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone in 3 Other Ways

Now that you know the basic way of transferring your contacts from Android to iPhone, let's talk about other possible solutions. The three options you have to include:

  • Use A Tool
  • Using SIM Card
  • Using the APP 'Move to iOS'

Now, all these options are equally viable, and some would say they are more convenient than using the Gmail method. So, let's try them out.

Method 1. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Using A Tool

The first thing you can do is use the contact transfer tool on your PC. In this method, you will have to download the tool on your PC and move your contacts from your Android phone to your iOS phone. So, make sure you have a USB cable for both Android and iPhone.

Then, once you connect them both to your PC, here's what you'll do:

Step 1. Open the transfer tool

Step 2. Copy contacts from your phone

Step 3. Then paste contacts into your iPhone

paste contacts

Wait for the process to finish, as you will notice your iPhone contacts increasing.

Method 2. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Using a SIM Card

The other method is to use the sim card to import your contacts into your iPhone. In this method, you will push your iPhone to import all the contacts saved in your SIM into your phone memory. However, you NEED to have contacts saved in your sim in order to do that.

Then, here's what you'll do once you have inserted the sim:

Step 1. Head into Settings

Step 2. Tap Contacts

Step 3. Find and tap Import SIM Contacts

import sim contacts

The system will then ask you where you want your Phone contacts, i.e., your Phone or iCloud—and you can pick the choice you prefer. Once done, you will notice all your SIM contacts merged into your phone.

Method 3. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Using the APP Move to iOS

The third method you have is to use the famous APP called Move to iOS. This app is available on both Appstore and Google Play. Once you have downloaded it on both of your devices, you'll connect them with your Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Then, you will follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Move to iOS app

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to your iPhone

Step 3. Choose everything you wish to Sync, or just pick contacts

Step 4. Tap Continue

tap continue

Once the process finishes, you will find contacts piling up on your iPhone. The process can take a bit of time; that's why it's suggested that you copy contacts only in the first go. Then, you can transfer other data.

FAQs on Transferring Contacts from Android to iPhone Through Gmail

If you have any further queries, then you'll find them answered here.

1. How do I import contacts from Gmail?

You will have to change a few settings in your iPhone so it can import contacts from your Gmail. Here's how:

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS phone
  • Find Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option
  • Tap on the Add Account option
  • Then tap on Google and sign into your account
  • Once you're in, toggle on the Contacts option to sync

2. How do I sync my contacts with Gmail?

You will have to merge your contacts in the settings of your Android phone. Every android phone has the option of an account. Here's what you will have to do:

  • Head into Accounts and Sync (or just accounts—depending on the phone)
  • Head into Google account settings
  • Find the contact option and Toggle it on
  • Go back, then tap on the sync button

This will work on most Android phones, but there are some vendors who have different settings. So, look for this setting on your Manufacturer's website.

3. How can I export all my contacts from Gmail?

  • You will have to go to the Google Contacts website and export the file there. In order to do that, you will do this:
  • Find the Export option in the sidebar
  • Select vCard (for iOS Contacts)
  • The CSV file will be downloaded to your PC, and from there, you can import it to your device of choice.

The Conclusion

These are the key aspects of transferring your contacts from Android to iPhone. You can always try the tried and tested method of using Gmail to transfer your Android contacts to your iPhone. Or, you can try the other three methods that we have mentioned in this article.