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How to transfer Apps from Android to iPhone [3 Ways]

Myra updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

When you're intending to transfer data from Android to iPhone, the apps are likely to be left on your Android device. However, it is no news that not all your Android apps can be transferred to your iPhone as they have iOS versions of this app. For the apps that can function on both iOS and Android, you should be able to easily do so and this article will help you go smoothly.

Knowing how to transfer your apps from Android to iPhone will make the transition from one device to another a whole lot easier, and faster, so you can get into your normal routine as fast as possible.

Contained in this article, are three methods to transfer apps from your Android to your iPhone in a detailed step-by-step guide to help you achieve it. Also in this article, are questions you might have with their answers we believe will be helpful, so let us dive in!

How to Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

Sharing data between Android and iPhone was originally tricky. This was because of earlier restrictions from sharing files between them. However, there are other options and third-party applications that help you work around these restrictions. But Move to iOS is the official transfer app designed by Apple to make it easier for new iOS users to transfer files. With the help of Move to iOS, you can, for example, transfer music from Android to iPhone wirelessly.

Keep reading for a systematic guide on how to do it. The steps include:

Step 1. Begin by downloading the "Move to iOS" app on your Android device and launching the app, as your iPhone already comes with this feature.

Step 2. On your iPhone, find the "Apps & Data" option on your iOS device by navigating Settings> General> Apps & Data, and select the "Move Data from Android" option. Please note, that this option is only available before set-up, or after you reset your iPhone device.

Step 3. After launching the Move to iOS app on your iPhone, select continue on both devices, to begin the process.

Step 4. Type in the 12-digit code from your iOS device to your Android device when the prompt comes up, this grants you access to transfer all you want.

move to ios

How to Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone via SHAREit

The SHAREit app is another transfer app you can use to move files. It is a reliable one and promises fast transfer speed for all data types. To use this app, all you need to do is follow the steps below and you'll have your data transferred in no time. The steps include the following; 

Step 1. Download the SHAREit app on both your Android and iPhone and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Launch the app on both devices and beginning with the Android, click send and select the files you wish to send.

Step 3. Click Next to proceed on your Android and on your iPhone, tap the Receive button. This will help to establish a connection on both devices.

Step 4. After establishing the connection, your iPhone will become a visible device on your Android. On your Android, select the iPhone device then begin transferring your selected files.

Step 5. Select files to transfer and click "SEND" to start transfer.


How to Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone via AnyTrans Tool

The AnyTrans tool is a third-party application tool you can use to transfer various data types from your Android device to easily using a desktop. The iOS management tool supports a range of Apple devices and allows you to send files from your iPhone to your Android including apps. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1. Download and launch the AnyTrans tool on your computer, then connect both devices to your computer using a cable.

Step 2. Select the "Phone Switch" option on the app, which will enable you to migrate the data.

Step 3. Select the "Phone to iPhone" section, and click on "Migrate Now".

Step 4. Select Android as the source and your iPhone as the target then click "Next".

Step 5. Select the apps you want to move from Android to iPhone then click "Next" to proceed.



Transferring apps from your Android to your iPhone has become easier than ever, and this article has shown you three of the best methods to do it. Following these methods is guaranteed to work especially considering previous limitations with Android to iPhone data transfer. They are easy to understand, and all you need to do is follow the detailed steps.

FAQs on How to Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone

Still have some questions on how to transfer Apps from Android to iPhone? Here are a few that keep coming up with their answers!

1. How do I transfer apps from Android to iPhone after setup?

You can transfer apps from Android to iPhone after setup using the Move to iOS; however, this will require you to erase your iPhone. If you do not want to do that, tools like AnyTrans, and the PhoneTrans app to make the transfer without erasing your iPhone.

2. Can I transfer apps from Android to iPhone without using a computer?

Yes, you can transfer apps from Android to iPhone without using a computer through available options like iPhone's Move to iOS, SHAREit wireless transfer app, MobileTrans-Copy to iPhone option, etc.

3. How do I transfer apps from Android to iPhone without Move to iOS?

You can use several available options without using the Move to iOS option such as SHAREit, MobileTrans, AntTrans, PhoneTrans etc.