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App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone [5 Recommendations]

Myra updated on Aug 29, 2023 | Home > Mobile Transfer

Android and iPhones are two of the most dominating technological devices in history. People often switch from one to the other, and there's no wonder if an Android user decides to use an iPhone by switching from Android.

However, the first problem they face is how to choose the best app to transfer data from Android to iPhone or vice versa. Take photos for example. Which app to transfer photos from Android to iPhone is the best? Let's dive in deeper and find the answers.

There are many people who would agree that sending photos from Android to iPhone can nerf their quality. Whether they use WhatsApp or other tried methods, they need a good quality and reliable option to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.

Therefore, it's imperative that you pick an option that's:

  • Easy to use;
  • Doesn't ruin image quality;
  • Transfer images quickly;
  • Doesn't cause transfer issues.

These are the features you should look for when using a software or an app to transfer your photos between Android and iPhone. Therefore, bearing these things in mind, let's dive in deeper and talk about a few apps that can help you transfer photos to your iPhone quickly and safely.

Xender: A Free App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Xender is one of the best iOS/Android apps that allows you to share data between two vastly different devices. This app also acts as a file manager, so you can send anything from your Android to an iPhone—or vice versa.

The app itself uses Wi-Fi as the primary connection, so you can speedily copy photos from your Android to your iPhone. That's why it's a commonly used option among Android and iPhone users, as it ensures speedy transfers without compromising the quality of files such as photos and videos.



  • Cross-platform transfer between Android and iPhone
  • A transfer without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection
  • App updater provided
  • File manager features


  • Very easy to use
  • High transfer speed
  • Good-quality cross-platform connection
  • Free to use


  • Many ads
  • Unknown connectivity issues

PhoneTrans: An User-friendly App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

PhoneTrans is another good-quality software allowing users to copy files between Android and iPhone without hassle or delay. The software has three main modes, which allow you to transfer the entire phone, restore an existing backup, or create a backup of a phone.

You can also move iCloud data to an Android or Google account data to an iPhone. Therefore, transferring photos from an Android to an iPhone is no issue for this tool. That's why it's a widely used tool among the audience.



  • Cross-platform support (Android to iOS)
  • Available on PC and Mac
  • Data migration includes contacts and messages
  • Supporting WhatsApp data transfer


  • Simple transfer methods
  • Easy-to-use UI design
  • No technicalities in transfer procedures
  • One-click feature


  • A bit expensive
  • Unable to transfer audio files properly

Dropbox:  A Secure App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Dropbox is one of the world's leading cloud storage services. Therefore, its availability on both Androids and iPhones makes it one of the most viable options for transferring data between them. Since it's cloud storage, it doesn't have any issue hosting large files either.

However you can try to sync photos between Android and iPhone, but if you try to upload them from Android and download it on your iPhone, the process will be much slower. In comparison to that hassle, it'll be better if you use an app or software instead.



  • Cabable of sharing images & large files
  • Able to Sync with remote devices, i.e., laptops and phones
  • Full-fledged cloud storage
  • Extra security measures


  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Easy to sync photos
  • High-quality transfer rate


  • Limited 2GB free storage
  • Barely satisfactory search function

Move to iOS: The Offical App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Apple's Move to iOS is one of the go-to options for iPhone users when transferring data from another device. On top of that, its ability to move data from Android when setting up an iPhone makes it an even more convenient option.

Therefore, if you are just getting an iPhone and haven't set it up yet, then try to use this by downloading the Android version on your Android phone. Once done, start up your iPhone and use the Move to iOS option to move data from your Android device—including its photos.

move to ios


  • Restoring from iCloud backup, Mac or PC
  • Able to transfer data from another iPhone
  • Android to iPhone data transfer tool
  • Supportive of multiple types of data, e.g. messages, photos, contacts, calendar, account settings, etc.


  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal for new users
  • Free to use


  • Not feasible for an already-in-use iPhone
  • Reset of iPhone required

MobileTrans: An One-for-all App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

MobileTrans is one of the leading software available today that allows you to transfer photos and other data between Android and iPhones. This app is commonly used by professionals who wish to quickly transfer their files.

However, it's used equally by common users, as it's widely considered one of the best options to transfer files between an iPhone and an Android. However, since it's a paid tool, the free version has some limits that few users will appreciate.

mobile trans


  • 1-click feature to transfer photos
  • Able to transfer 18 data types, including photos
  • No need to reset either phone
  • Over 10 Android devices supported
  • Pros:

  • Quite easy to use
  • Best in terms of quality retention
  • A very convenient 1-click feature
  • Cons:

  • Not economical
  • Limited free version


These are some of the best applications that you can use to transfer your photos from Android to iPhone. Each of these apps and tools allows you to transfer the images in its own way. Therefore, it comes down to which one you think is more suitable for your requirements.

While all these apps to transfer photos from Android to iPhone are good, you must pick one that seems right. Therefore, pick the one that you think you can afford and won't damage the quality of your photos,

FAQs on the App to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

You'll find your questions answered in this section.

1. What free app can I use to transfer photos from Android to iPhone?

If you are just setting up your iPhone, the best option is Move to iOS, built within your iPhone. Suppose you are already using your iPhone and wish to transfer photos from another iPhone. In that case, using MobileTrans on PC or Xender on Android/iPhone is a better option.

2. Can I AirDrop from Android to iPhone?

Yes, you can. However, you're going to use Google's Nearby Share, whereas the iPhone will use AirDrop to connect the two devices. Once they are connected, you can send/AirDrop anything from one phone to the other.

3. How can I transfer photos from Android to iPhone in the fastest way?

The quickest way to transfer photos from Android to iPhone is by using Move to iOS or MobileTrans. Either of these tools lets you quickly transfer photos from Android to iPhone. However, it depends on the size of your photos as well as their quantity.