When unlocking a disabled iPhone, iTunes may be the default option since you may see the "iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes" message. However, iTunes is neither the best nor the only solution to reset a disabled iOS device. For example, if you don't want to enter recovery mode manually or don't have a computer available, you will need to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes. Given that, I'd like to show you three proven ways to reset a disabled iPhone without using iTunes.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Without iTunes via EaseUS MobiUnlock

An iPhone unlocking tool like EaseUS MobiUnlock is what you will need if you are willing to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or WiFi.

As an iPhone unlocker, EaseUS MobiUnlock supports the removal of all kinds of lock screen types, including 4-digit code, 6-digit code, Touch ID, and Face ID. It also works to fix issues resulting from forgetting the passcode. For example, after several failed password attempts, your iPhone will show iPhone is disabled, iPhone is Unavailable, or Security Lockout. To tackle the problem, you can use EaseUS MobiUnlock to reset the device. Afterward, you can set up the device as it is new and use it again.

In addition to iPhone in various generations, this iPhone unlocking software also supports iPad and iPod touch. Whether you need to fix iPad Unavailable or reset iPod without password, you can also use EaseUS MobiUnlock to help you out.

To unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1. Install EaseUS MobiUnlock > Connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod to the computer with the Apple lightning cable > Choose "Unlock Screen Passcode."

connect your device to computer

Step 2. Once your device is recognized by EaseUS MobiUnlock, click "Start" to continue. 

connect your device to computer

Step 3. Check your device model > Click "Next" to download the latest iOS firmware package. If you've downloaded it, just select the existing package by clicking on the "Select" button at the bottom of the screen.

Download or select firmware

Step 4. When it finishes, click "Unlock Now." Then, you will see a new warning window > Enter the information required in the new pop-up window > Click "Unlock" to confirm the process.

Unlock the device

Step 5. Wait for the tool to restore your disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes. Then, you can set up and use your disabled iPhone or iPad again.

Wait for the process to complete

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes using iCloud

If you are looking to unlock a disabled iPhone without computer or iTunes, then iCloud is suitable for you. The Find iPhone service is a convenient access to erase your iPhone without iTunes or computer. By wiping out the disabled iPhone, you can remove all content and settings, including the lock screen settings, from the phone. By doing so, you can unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or computer.

However, this easy solution is not a widely-applicable way out. It relies on the Find iPhone feature. That means the Find My iPhone option should be toggled on and there should be a network connection on the disabled iPhone. Thus, follow the steps below only when your device meets the requirements.

To unlock disabled iPhone without computer or iTunes:

Step 1. Prepare another mobile device.

Step 2. Open a browser and visit iCloud.com.

Step 3. Sign in with the Apple ID used on the disabled iPhone.

Step 4. Choose Find iPhone, Select All Devices, and click the locked iPhone.

Step 5. Click Erase iPhone to reset the disabled iPhone to factory settings.

Erase iPhone via iCloud

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Without iTunes via Finder

On macOS Catalina and later, Finder has replaced iTunes. Thus, Finder also works to unlock a disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It works similarly to iTunes: you need to enter recovery mode on your iPhone, and Finder will help you restore your iPhone by reinstalling the firmware. Here are the details:

To reset a disabled iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1. Shut down your iPhone.

Step 2. Put iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 3. In Finder, select your iPhone.

Step 4. Choose Restore to reset the iPhone.

Restore iPhone with Finder

FAQs on Unlocking Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

You may also have questions below:

1. How do I unlock iPhone when disabled?

Apple provides iTunes and Finder to help you unlock a disabled iPhone:

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Put the iPhone in recovery mode.
  • On the computer, choose Restore in iTunes to reset your iPhone.

2. How do I factory reset my disabled iPhone without a computer?

With iCloud, you can reset your disabled iPhone without computer:

  • Go to visit iCloud.com and sign in.
  • Choose Find iPhone and select the disabled iPhone.
  • Click Erase iPhone.

The Bottom Line

iTunes is not the only solution to reset a disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With an iPhone unlocker, iCloud, and Finder, you can also unlock iPhone without passcode with ease. If you have a backup made before, you can restore everything to the iPhone after the data wiping process. Then you can use the iPhone again without data loss.

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