Forgetting the passcode for the iPhone screen lock can be really troublesome. The trouble increases if your iPhone still uses an older iOS version like iOS 10. Apple has improved new iOS versions and introduced new solutions for such issues. However, you will need to dig deeper for solutions available for bypassing iOS 10 passcode.

To help you out, we have collected the 4 easiest ways how to bypass iOS 10 passcode without Siri. Stick with the article to learn the best method to bypass this issue.

How to Bypass iOS 10 Passcode Without Siri via EaseUS MobiUnlock

Once your iPhone with iOS 10 has been locked due to the wrong passcode, you need to be careful when trying to bypass it. That's why you should use a professional unlocking tool to bypass iOS 10 passcode. If you are looking for a reliable tool to unlock your iPhone, we recommend using EaseUS MobiUnlock. It is the best answer to bypass iOS 10 passcode without Siri.

Prominent Features of EaseUS MobiUnlock:

  • With this tool, you can easily unlock all types of iPhone screen locks, including 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.
  • If your iCloud ID has been disabled and you cannot download apps from the App Store, this tool can help you remove the ID.
  • It also works as a password manager for your apps, websites, and Wi-Fi passwords.
  • EaseUS MobiUnlock can also unencrypt iTunes backups if you have forgotten your Apple ID password.

Steps to Bypass  iOS 10 Passcode Without Siri via EaseUS MobiUnlock:

Fret not, as bypassing your iPhone with iOS 10's passcode is quick and straightforward when using this amazing tool. Use the following steps to bypass iOS 10 passcode without Siri via EaseUS MobiUnlock:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your PC with a USB cable and run EaseUS MobiUnlock. Select "Unlock Screen Passcode" from the home page of EaseUS MobiUnlock.

connect your device to computer

Step 2. Click "Start" to continue. 

start the unlock process

Step 3. Click "Next" to download an available firmware for your device. If you have downloaded one on your computer, click "Select" at the bottom of the window to select the package manually.

Download or select firmware

Step 4. Once the firmware verification completed, click "Unlock Now" and then you will see a waring window. Enter the information required in the box and click "Unlock" again to bypass your locked or disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Unlock the device

Step 5. Wait patiently for the tool to bypass your locked device. When it has done, set up your iPhone, iPad, iPod and create a new password.

Wait for the process to complete

How to Bypass iOS 10 Passcode Without Siri via iTunes or Finder

Luckily, even if you use iOS 10, one reliable method can bypass your iPhone's forgotten passcode. This method uses iTunes or Finder, depending on whether you are a Windows or Mac user. However, you will need to have the latest version of iTunes/Finder, and your iPhone must be in recovery mode to use this method. Follow these steps to bypass the iOS passcode without Siri via iTunes/Finder:

Step 1. Since recovery mode is required to reset your iPhone with iTunes/Finder, put your iPhone into Recovery Mode following one of these guides.

  • If you use iPhone 6 or older, connect your device to the computer, simultaneously press the "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons, and hold them. You can release the button once your iPhone is in recovery mode.
  • Connect an iPhone from iPhone 7 series to the computer and hold the "Volume Down" and "Sleep/Wake" buttons. Keep holding the buttons until your iPhone transition to recovery mode.

Step 2. You will see a prompt appearing in iTunes/Finder that an iPhone in recovery mode is detected, and you need to "Update" or "Restore" it. As a rule, always start with "Update." If it doesn't work, reset your iPhone using "Restore."

recovery mode

How to Bypass iOS 10 Passcode Without Siri via Find My App

Did your iPhone has the Find My app installed and enabled? If yes, you can use the Find My app to bypass the iOS 10 passcode. To use this method, there needs to be at least one other iPhone or Apple device connected with the same iCloud account. Here is how you can bypass iOS 10 passcode without Siri via the Find My app:

Step 1. Launch the Find My app on the iPhone and tap "Devices" from the screen menu. Here, choose your iPhone and tap "Erase This Device."

Step 2. Press "Continue" on the next screen and confirm this action by tapping "Erase." Afterward, provide your Apple ID password to erase and reset your iPhone.


How to Bypass iOS 10 Passcode Without Siri via iCloud

If you can't access the Find My app, you can also use the iCloud website to erase your iPhone. Although to use this method, you still need to have the Find My feature enabled for your device.

If Find My is enabled and you remember your Apple ID password, it is the recommended way. The steps required to bypass iOS 10 passcode without Siri via iCloud are the following:

Step 1. Start by visiting the iCloud Find My website using your system's browser. Here, log in using your Apple ID.

Step 2. Now, click "All Devices" and select your iPhone. Afterward, hit "Erase iPhone" and enter your Apple ID password to reset your iPhone.

erase iphone

FAQs on Bypassing iOS 10 Passcode Without Siri

Having trouble understanding how to bypass iOS 10 passcode without Siri? Go through the FAQs taken from the internet and answered below on this topic:

1. How do you unlock an iPhone without the passcode without restoring it?

In general, there is no way to unlock an iPhone with forgotten passcode without erasing and restoring it. However, there is a way if your iPhone uses the iOS version from iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1. In these iOS versions, unlocking an iPhone without the passcode and data loss is possible because you can use the Siri method in these versions.

2. How to bypass iPhone passcode with Siri?

If you want to bypass the iPhone passcode with Siri, follow the steps given below:

  • On your iPhone's locked screen, press and hold the Home button to activate Siri and ask, Hey Siri, what time is it? Once the clock appears, tap it, and on the World Clock, press + to add another clock.
  • In the search bar to look for a city, type anything and Select All the text. Among the pop-up options, hit Share and choose Messages from the apps. It will lead you to the New Message screen, where you need to type some words in the To field.
  • After typing, tap Return, and you will see the text you typed highlighted in green. Now, press + and select Create New Contact. In the New Contact screen, hit Add Photo and select Choose Photo. It will take you to the Photos, where you need to wait for a few minutes and press the Home button.


In summary, it can be said that forgetting the passcode, while troublesome, isn't the end of the world. Multiple ways are available to bypass your locked iPhone screen, even if you use an old iOS version like iOS 10. If you use an iPhone with iOS 10, the safest way to unlock it is by using EaseUS MobiUnlock. It provides a quick and failsafe method to restore your device's access.

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