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How to Set Ringtone in iPhone Without iTunes


Myra updated on Oct 31, 2022 to iPhone Ringtone Making Tips

At one time or another, you may want to set a custom ringtone on your iPhone to make it more personalized. However, unlike using an Android device, it's far from easy to add custom ringtones to an iPhone. 

As we all know, to use a song out of the default ringtone list on your iOS device, you need to either buy ringtones from the iTunes Store or make custom ringtones by yourself with the help of iTunes or third-party ringtone makers.

Thus, if you want to set a ringtone on your iPhone without iTunes, you can either use the iTunes Store or a third-party iPhone ringtone maker to help.

How to Set a Ringtone in iPhone Without iTunes

With the iTunes Store, you can buy an existing ringtone that you like and set it as your ringtone via Settings. While with an iPhone ringtone maker, you will be able to make custom ringtones using songs from your computer, YouTube videos, or SoundCloud. Specify your need and carry out one of the ways below to add ringtones to your iPhone without iTunes.

Method 1. Add Ringtones to iPhone with an iPhone Ringtone Maker for PC

If you are looking to make a song from your computer as your iPhone ringtone, you can apply an iPhone ringtone maker like EaseUS Ringtone Editor to get things done. It will fulfill your needs to:

Therefore, if you want to set a ringtone on iPhone without iTunes, using such an iPhone ringtone maker could a good choice. Even if you want to make a song from your iPhone a ringtone, you can transfer music from iPhone to the computer first, and then create a ringtone with the iPhone ringtone creator.

To make a ringtone for iPhone:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Ringtone Editor and connect your iPhone to your computer. Next, drag and drop the song you wish to turn into a ringtone to the interface of this program. Or you can browse your computer to choose a song.

Launch EaseUS Ringtone Editor

Step 2. Then, you'll come to the Clip Fragment page. From where you can customize your ringtone by clipping it to your desired length (30s is an ideal lenght for a ringtone). 

Trim your song

Step 3. After clipping, you can swipe up to make the sound fade in and swipe down to fade out. If you want to adjust the volume, you can swipe up and down. Once everything gets done, click "Export" to proceed.

Add recordings and sound effects

Step 4. You can choose "Push to iPhone" to export the edited ringtone to your iPhone or choose "Save to Disk" to save it to your computer.

Push the ringtone to iPhone - Step 4

Method 2. Make Ringtones for iPhone with Garageband

In addition to desktop programs, there are also iOS apps that allow you to make ringtones for iPhone without iTunes. Garageband, recommended by Apple, is one of them. With this ringtone maker app, you can create custom ringtones using songs from your iPhone music library (except the ones from Apple Music).

If you are looking to set a song from your computer as a ringtone, you can transfer music to iPhone from the computer first and then make it a ringtone using Garageband.

To set a ringtone in iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1. Download and install Garageband on your iPhone from the App Store.

Step 2. Open Garageband and swipe left until you see "Audio Recorder."

Step 3. Tap on "Audio Recorder" and click "OK."

Step 4. Tap the third icon in the top right corner and then you can see the ringtone editing screen.

Step 5. Click the fourth icon in the top middle of the screen to remove additional noise from the audio file.

Step 6. Tap the first icon (a little loop) in the top right corner and select the song you want to turn into a ringtone.

  • If the song is in your Apple Music library, go to the "Music" tab to select the item.
  • If you downloaded the song from Safari, go to "Files" to choose the music file instead.

Step 7. Drag and drop the song to the timeline in Garageband.

Step 8. Tap the plus icon, tap "8 bars," and then tap to set it as "30 bars."

Step 9. Trim the song. Afterward, tap the play button to preview it.

Step 10. Once you get the ringtone you want, tap the arrow in the top left corner to check the ringtone you just made.

Step 11. If you want to change its name, tap and hold the item and enter the name you prefer.

Step 12. Tap and hold the ringtone again and choose "Share" > "Ringtone."

Step 13. Change the name of the ringtone if you need to and click "Export."

Step 14. After you export the ringtone successfully, open the Settings app and go to "Sounds & Haptics" > "Ringtone" to set the song as your ringtone.

How to set a ringtone on iPhone without iTunes

Method 3. Set a Ringtone on iPhone via iTunes Store

The quickest way to set a ringtone on your iPhone without iTunes is to purchase ringtones from the iTunes Store. iTunes Store provides various tones and enables you to set a song as your iPhone ringtone directly without a computer. If you are willing to pay for the ringtone you like, getting the ringtone from the iTunes Store is recommended.

To set a song a ringtone via the iTunes Store:

Step 1. Go to the iTunes Store and tap "More" > "Tones" > "All Tones."

Step 2. Find or search for the tone you like.

Step 3. Tap the price of the ringtone and choose "Set as Default Ringtone."

Step 4. Pay for the ringtone.

How to set a ringtone on iPhone via the iTunes Store

The Bottom Line

In addition to making your own ringtone, you can also download ringtones to your iPhone from websites that provide free iPhone ringtones for you. If you prefer this way, search from the Internet and get free ringtones from websites you trust. Afterward, go to the Settings app to set it as your iPhone ringtone.