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5 Solutions to Fix Transfer Directly from iPhone Not Working Issue

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Quick Start, a new feature introduced in iOS 12.4, has become Apple users' most current data transfer solution. It is free, easy to operate, and supports migrating all iOS data and settings. What's better is that you no longer have to make a backup of your device ahead of time. Anyway, it is an excellent option for transferring iOS data. 

But even so, this feature also receives some negative feedback, such as migration not working or transferring data from the iPhone directly not working. Suppose you may encounter the same problem, so we prepared some fixes for you to get out of the loop. Plus, if you want to learn why your iPhone migration not working, the final part might be helpful. 

5 Solutions to Fix Transfer Directly from iPhone Not Working

There are five quick solutions to fix the iPhone not migration issue. Try them one by one to see which can solve your problem. If your problem still exists after trying all solutions, directly jump to the next part to use EaseUS MobiMover to transfer data instead. As a professional iOS data migration tool, EaseUS MobiMover can do a better job than Quick Start regarding supported data types, transfer speed, and advanced transfer tools. 

EaseUS MobiMover

  • Transfer photos, audio, music, and videos to a new iPhone effectively
  • Move data from a PC to an iPhone quickly
  • Back up your iPhone or iPad with one click
  • Transfer, backup, or restore WhatsApp data
  • Batch convert HEIC pictures to JPG

Solution 1. Force restart your source iPhone

A force restart can fix most small software problems without erasing data, so it is often used as the first solution when we meet a problem with our devices. When you restart your iPhone, you can reboot your apps and iPhone's operating system, thus fixing most bugs and glitches. 

The process of force restarting an iPhone varies depending on your device model. Apple offers a detailed guide on its official site, so you can follow it to force restart your iPhone quickly. 

Solution 2. Update your iPhone to the latest version

A new iOS system can also fix some Apple issues. So, you can also try updating your device to the latest version to see if your problem is solved. To do this,  you can go to Settings > General > Software Update, then follow the onscreen instruction to update your device. 

Solution 3. Bring both iPhones closer

Whether you know it or not, keeping two devices near each other is required while using Quick Start to migrate data. Apple has detailed this rule in its guide on using Quick Start to transfer data to a new iPhone or iPad. So, if you put your devices far away, just put them together now. 

Solution 4. Plug both devices to power

Another principle of using Quick Start mentioned by Apple is that you should plug both of your iPhones into power until the data migration process is complete. If not, your process might be disrupted by insufficient battery. So, you can plug both iPhones into power to see if your problem has been solved. 

Solution 5. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone

Since Quick Start also uses Bluetooth to migrate data, ensure you've turned on the Bluetooth on your iPhone. You can do this in Settings > Bluetooth and toggle the option to the ON position. 

Alternative Way to Transfer Data to a New iPhone [Quick & Easy]

We hope that you can solve the problem with the solutions introduced above. If, unfortunately,, the problem still exists, you can directly use a more convenient and faster way to transfer data. That is to use this iPhone data transfer software - EaseUS MobiMover. 

This quick data transfer tool can transfer data between an iPhone and a computer or between two iOS devices. If you have a backup habit, you can use it to back up your device regularly. 

Not only that, but it also allows you to transfer WhatsApp to a new iPhone

To transfer data from one iPhone to another:

Step 1. Connect both of the iPhones to the computer and launch EaseUS MobiMover. Then click "Phone to Phone", check the transfer direction, and click "Next" to continue.

how to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone - step 1

Step 2. Select one category or multiple categories that you want to copy, and click "Transfer".

how to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone - step 2

Step 3. Wait for the tool to transfer selected files from one iPhone to another. When the process finishes, go to the corresponding apps to check the newly added files. 

how to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone - step 3

Why Is My iPhone Migration Not Working?

There are many reasons why your iPhone migration not working. And some possible reasons for that include:

  • An unstable internet connection
  • The two devices are too far away
  • Your iPhone has an outdated system
  • Your iPhone has a low battery

The Bottom Line

As you can see, five solutions available for transferring directly from iPhone are not working. You can try these solutions individually to see which works to solve your problem. If you don't want to waste that time, you can directly use an iPhone data transfer tool like EaseUS MobiMover to transfer data. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the iPhone Migration Feature

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the iPhone Migration feature. If you also meet these questions, check the below guide to get the answers.

How do I force iPhone to migrate?

It is easy to use Quick Start to transfer data between two iPhones. All you need is to bring your current iPhone or iPad near your target iPhone, sign in and set up. After settings up Face ID and Touch ID, choose the way you wish to transfer data. You can download it from iCloud or transfer it directly from your previous devices. After that, wait for the migration process to complete. For more details, you can check Apple's guide on how to use Quick Start to transfer data to a new iPhone or iPad

How long does an iPhone migration take?

The time it takes depends on your internet speed and file size. If you have a decent internet connection and a little data, it may take around 20-30 minutes. While if you have a poor internet connection and a lot of data, it may take longer to migrate data. 

Why is iPhone migration taking so long?

Many factors might affect the migration time, such as file size, internet speed, or manual operation. If you have too much data to transfer or an unstable internet connection, it might take more time to finish. 

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