iPad is among the important utilities in modern times, considering its role in providing access to watching and sharing videos or storing useful clips, images, or documents. This gadget is known for providing multiple uses, and therefore, it also keeps most of our data. You may always wonder how to backup iPad to avoid data loss.

Hence, it's crucial to back up iPad to Mac because this will save a copy of the original data in a safer location that prevents risks of data loss. In this article, you will find ways to back up your iPad in different ways.

The Best way to Backup iPad to Mac: EaseUS MobiMover

Making data transfers easier and more convenient, EaseUS MobiMover Pro is your trusted data transfer and management tool. Thus, by connecting the iPad to your Mac, you will be able to access your entire iPad data on Mac using EaseUS MobiMover. This way, you can start data backups in a quick and efficient way that comes with interruption-less connections.

Moreover, EaseUS MobiMover is also a WhatsApp manager, as it allows you to perform WhatsApp transfer, backup and restore. Meanwhile, the platform comes with easy to navigate interface that makes tool accessibility quite simple.

Main Features of EaseUS MobiMover

  • With drag and drop facility, you can also create customized playlists where you can store your songs, music, or even ringtones.
  • For a better media experience, you can batch convert HEIC to JPG format and Video to MP3 format.
  • You can also download music and video files from over 1000 websites for free.

Are you looking forward to a backup iPad to Mac by using EaseUS MobiMover? The following steps will help you in your journey:

Step 1. Connect your iPad to your Mac with a USB cable and tap "Trust This Computer" on your iPad if you are asked > Run EaseUS MobiMover for Mac and choose the "Phone to Mac" on the main screen > Click the "Next" to continue.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Mac - step 1

Step 2. Then, MobiMover automatically reads and loads all the supported data on your iPad as the screenshot shows below. You are free to send them all or selectively export one data type at a time. Besides, you can set the destination for saving exported iPad files on your Mac. If you don't customize it by yourself, MobiMover will send them to a desktop folder named by Exported by MobiMover.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Mac - step 2

Step 3. Click the "Transfer" to import data from iPhone or iPad to Mac. When the process has completed, you can view, edit, or delete them as you want on your Mac.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Mac - step 3


If you want to backup iPhone to Mac without iTunes or iCloud in the future, EaseUS MobiMover could surely give you a hand!

How to Backup iPad Data on Mac Using iTunes/Finder

Both iTunes and Finder are recognized as important applications for Mac devices when it comes to sharing, managing, and transferring files. However, iTunes was discontinued after macOS Mojave, and thereafter macOS Catalina came with Finder software which acted as an alternative to iTunes in terms of file sharing. (It's also feasible for Windows users to backup iPad to PC.)

All the Mac devices after Catalina are now supported with the Finder app. For data backup on iPad to Mac using iTunes/Finder, follow these simple steps:

Step 1.If you have macOS with iTunes, connect it to your iPad using a USB cable. Repeat the same process even if you have macOS with Finder. A pop-up confirmation will be sent to your iPad, and you will have to press the "Trust" option to continue with the process.

Step 2. Open the Finder app from your respective macOS device, and select your iPad from "Locations" in the left panel. Similarly, open the iTunes app from the respective macOS device, press the "Device" icon, and move into the "Summary" tab. Now click the "Trust" button to establish the complete connection between iPad and MacBook.

Step 3. From the "Backups" section, you need to enable the "Back up all of the data on your iPad to this Mac" option if using Finder app and enable the "This Computer " option if using the iTunes app.

Step 4. To encrypt data in iTunes and Finder apps, tick "Encrypt local backup" and create a password to access it in the future. Afterward, click the "Back Up Now" button to begin processing data backup.

press the Back Up Now button

How to Backup iPad Data to Mac Using iCloud

iCloud is an important utility from Apple that allows users to back up their essential data on cloud storage effectively. This way, users can access their data on any device by logging in with their Apple ID. Meanwhile, you can also use iCloud to back up your iPad data to Mac. For this purpose, follow the detailed instructions provided below:

Step 1. From your iPad, click on the "Settings" app, and tap on your profile. Now move into the "iCloud" category, click on "Photos," and press "Sync this iPad." Similarly, click "iCloud Drive" and press "Sync this iPad." You can also enable the sync feature for multiple apps like Messages, Notes, Contacts, etc.

Step 2. Open the iCloud website from your browser and log in with Apple ID credentials. From the available app menu, you need to select an app from where you want to download content to your Mac for backup purposes.

Step 3. If you select the "Photos" app, you need to choose a photo that is to be downloaded, after which press the "Download" icon from the menu bar. If you select the "Contacts" app, choose the contact to download, click the "Gear" icon from the bottom-left, and select the "Export vCard" option.

select Export vCard option

If you don't want to choose any of the mentioned methods, you can then backup iPad to external hard drive if necessary.

Why Is Backup iPad Necessary

Among all gadgets that we possess, the iPad stores most of our content. Therefore, backing it is necessary, and here is why you need to backup iPad to Mac:

  • Prevent Data Loss: Your iPad may get stolen, damaged, or lost at anytime. So when your data is already backed, you can easily access it back from any device.
  • Smooth Transfers: For example, you purchased a new iPad and want to transfer data to it. Simply download the data from your cloud backup or connect through the computer. This way, data restoration is relatively fast.
  • Efficient Recovery: In case your iPad becomes a victim of malfunction due to any error or bug, data loss is most probably its consequence. Thus, data backup can ensure hassle-free restoration of lost data again.
  • Cyber Attack Protection: With the continuous rise in viruses, malware, and hacking, your iPad may also become a victim of cyber attacks that may cause you to lose data. With backups, your essential personal data is already safe.

FAQs on Backup iPad to Mac

Follow more questions here to increase your knowledge about data backup iPad to Mac:

1. How do I back up an iPad to an external drive?

You can back up your iPad to an external drive by following these steps:

  • By using a USB-to-lightning cable adapter, connect your iPad to the external hard drive. Move into the Files app from your iPad, and "ThumbDrive" will be visible, which indicates that the hard drive is connected.
  • Select the files that you want to transfer and click the "Share" icon on them to select the "Files" app option. The Files app will be launched, and you need to select "ThumbDrive" as your location. Click the "Save" button from the top right to save data in the external drive.

2. How to back up an iPad to another iPad?

By following these steps, you can back up an iPad to another iPad:

  • Open "Settings" on iPad with data, move into your name, and click "iCloud." Now switch on "iCloud Backup" and press "Back Up Now" to start data backup.
  • Turn on your new iPad while data is backing up. If iPad is already set up, you have to reset it first. Move into "Settings," scroll down and select "General," tap on "Transfer or Reset iPad," and tap on "Erase All Content and Settings."
  • Connect the new iPad to the Wi-Fi network. Now choose “Restore from iCloud Backup," sign in to your Apple ID account, and select the backup you need to recover.

3. How do I save iPad data on a PC?

To save iPad data to PC, follow these simple steps:

  • Open "Settings" on your iPad, tap on your profile, and move into the "iCloud" category. After this, click "Photos," "Messages," "Notes," or other apps, and press "Sync this iPad" within them.
  • Open and log in iCloud website from your PC. From going into "Contacts," you can download contacts using "Export vCard." From going into "Images," you can export using "Download." By navigating into different apps, continue downloading other content.


Data is important to everyone because it contains sensitive and personal information about you. Similarly, people have a lot of personal data stored on their iPad devices, as iPad is used quite a lot in different use cases within the daily routine.

Therefore, data backup from iPad to Mac is essential, and this article discussed ways and steps to do backups in different ways. With EaseUS MobiMover, you can stage efficient data transfers and backups for your iPad.

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