Why Won't My iPad Turn on (With Solutions)

Are you fearing that your iPad has stopped working? You would be asking questions on why won't my iPad turn on. This article helps you figure out the problem you are facing and provides you with some appropriate solutions.

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Apple has developed multiple exceptional devices that have taken the world by storm. The use of tablets was considered ordinary hype for a few years, turned out to be a different story for Apple's iPads. These state-of-the-art devices provided such exceptional utility, which makes them recommended in the market. While these devices are known for their operability, there is still room for error.

If you have been facing the issue of "why won't my iPad turn on" lately, this article is a must-read. Look through the reasons, followed by proper solutions to help yourself in this situation.

How to Fix My iPad Won't Turn On

Once you've realized why my iPad won't turn on, you will have to continue to find proper solutions to counter this problem. In this part, we have highlighted a couple of simple solutions as a remedy to this problem on your iPad:

Solution 1. Check the Charging Cable of your iPad

Before you lead to some specific software-based solution for your iPad, it is best to check your device's charging cable and other essential hardware. If the charging cable is damaged, it will directly lead to a problem with your iPad. Try replacing or repairing the cable so you can charge your iPad easily.

Solution 2. Force Restart iPad Devices

Another quick remedy to the problem occurring on your iPad requires you to force restart the device. Look through the simple guidelines below to learn more about how it is done.

For iPads with Face ID: Press and release the "Volume Up" button, and continue it with the "Volume Down" button. Then, hold on to the "Top" button until the Apple logo appears on the device.

For iPads with Home Button: You must press the "Top" and "Home" buttons until the Apple logo appears on the iPad's screen.

force restart

For more detailed information related to the iPad fixes for why won't my iPad turn on, you can look through this article. It will provide many proper and detailed remedies if your iPad is constantly causing havoc.

Solution 3. Recharge the iPad

A drained battery is one of the primary reasons your iPad is not turning on. To resolve this problem, you must recharge your battery to at least 3-5%, so your iPad will have enough energy to turn on and start its functions.

In this case, the only check you have to keep is that you are using the original charge and cable provided by Apple for charging your iPad. If you still face issues while charging your iPad, check your voltage because if you receive a lower value, your iPad will not charge.

Solution 4. Try the Recovery Mode

If none of the solutions mentioned above work for your iPad, recovery mode is the only solution to help you with this issue. The recovery mode can fix almost all iPad issues with or without data loss, depending on your selected option. You can use the recovery mode by following the simple steps described below:

Step 1. Attach your iPad to your Windows or MacBook using a USB cable and launch iTunes/Finder or your device. Afterward, follow these instructions to put your iPad in recovery mode:

  • If you are a home button iPad user, press the "Home" and "Volume" together until you see the Apple logo on your screen.
  • If you use the latest iPad without a home button, press and quickly release the "Volume" button. Next, press the "Side" button and hold it until the Apple logo appears on your iPad.

Step 2. iTunes/Finder will display a pop-up on your screen consisting of two options: Restore or Update. Click the "Update" option to update your iPadOS and fix the issue without losing data. If the issue remains the same, select the "Restore" option and proceed.

select the required recovery mode

Solution 5. Try iOS System Repair Software

EaseUS MobiXpert can quickly return iPhone, iPad, and iPod settings to defaults or reset the device to factory settings and help you regain full access to your iDevices under many scenarios, such as:

  • You have got an unresponsive or disabled iPad.
  • Your iPad gets stuck on the Apple logo, spinning circle, restart loop, and white screen of death.
  • Your iPad won't restore, back up, or connect to WiFi.

Let's see how to factory reset your iPad even without a passcode:

Step 1. Open EaseUS MobiXpert on your computer. Then select "System Repair" > "Reset Device".

MobiXpert hompage

Step 2. Click "Factory Reset." Then connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable when prompted.

select Standard Reset

Step 3. When you're done, your iPhone will enter the recovery mode automatically. If it fails, you can also follow the on-screen guide to enter the recovery mode manually. Now click "Next" > "Repair now" to download the iOS firmware and start the factory reset.

click Repair Now

Step 4. Wait for the process to complete. Then click "Done" to close it.

the process is completed

Why Won't My iPad Turn On

Have you been wondering why won't my iPad turn on lately? If this has been bothering you quite much, it is best to find the reason that is causing such a problem. Looking into the particular reasons will help you analyze a proper solution for your iPad:

1. Issues with the Charging Port

The foremost reason that can cause an iPad not to turn on is issues with the device's charging port. Since the port is not functional, your iPad won't charge, leading to the device turning off. If it happens, this hardware fault can cause many issues and damage your device.

2. Damaged Display

If you haven't been seeing the screen of your iPad, there is a tentative chance of problems with the display of the device. Hardware damage can be a common reason in iPads that are often not functional.

3. Drained Battery

Sometimes, there won't be direct issues occurring with your iPad. Instead, it will only be discharged completely, so your iPad won't be functional. The best-case scenario is to charge it fully to operate it seamlessly.

4. Outdated Software of iPad

Another consideration that can be made for non-functional iPads is outdated devices. If your iPad is not updated properly, it is quite possible that the device won't function to perfection. Glitches can cause it to turn off in many instances, which can be problematic.

FAQs on Why Won't My iPad Turn On

Multiple questions have been raised about the iPad not turning on. If you also have some queries related to it, follow the details mentioned below:

1. How do you fix an iPad that won't turn on?

If you have an iPad that won't turn on, you can try checking the hardware first. If there are no issues with the hardware, look to force restart the device to restart all services and operations. You can also try resetting your iPad's settings to resolve its issue.

2. Why won't my iPad turn on even though it is charged?

There can be many reasons why won't my iPad turn on even if it is charged. From damaged hardware to problems with the charging cable, your iPad may have outdated software. Along with that, there is a possibility that the display of your iPad is not working due to some hardware damage.

3. How do I force my iPad to start?

To force restart your iPad, there is a set of steps that you can follow considering the model that you are using:

For iPads with Face ID, instantaneously Press the Volume Up button following the Volume Down button. Continue to press and hold the Top button until the Apple logo appears.

For iPads with Home Button: It is best to press and hold the Top and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears on the device's screen.

The Conclusion

This article has helped you out in the assessment of why won't my iPad turn on. With a clear direction to the reasons that lead to such a problem, a touch to some solutions has been made. You can find a better remedy for your iPad rather than taking it out for some expensive repair.