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Why Are My Calls Failing on My iPhone? Here's the Fix!

Myra updated on Mar 10, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

Since the primary function of a smartphone is to make phone calls, it's natural to feel frustrated when your iPhone displays a call failed error. You will instantly question, why are my calls failing on my iPhone? Although Apple offers good cellular connectivity, iPhone users encounter this situation frequently.

Since a lot of users complain about this glitch, here is the assistance to identify your issue. No matter what iPhone version you are using, read on to learn how to fix your calls failing problem on your iPhone!

How to Fix Calls Failing on iPhone

Once you have pinpointed the specific problem, you can fix the call failed error in a snap. Otherwise, trying all the solutions one by one helps you resolve the call failing issue on your iPhone. Let's see which one of the several ways assists you!

Solution 1. Dial *#31#

Here is a hidden code for iPhone users. Try *#31# to turn off the anonymity option for outgoing calls. Sometimes, setting the hidden status for outgoing calls leads to call failure. So dialing this code is a quick way to disable the feature.

In another way, you can open "Settings", press "Phone", and tap "Show My Caller ID". Enable this option with the slider, and all done!


Solution 2. Toggle On and Off Airplane Mode

A lot of times, turning Airplane mode off & on solves various phone problems. Since it resets the cellular connection, you will get the call failing issue fixed on your iPhone.

Open "Settings" and move the slider next to "Airplane Mode" to turn it on. After a few seconds, turn it off again. You can also do it by accessing "Control Center" and pressing the Airplane mode icon.

on and off airplain mode

Solution 3. Check the Blocked Contacts List

Have you checked the list of your blocked contacts? The number you are calling might be blocked accidentally or intentionally.

For this purpose, choose the "Phone" tab after launching "Settings" from your iPhone. Here, tap "Blocked Contacts" to check if the contact is added here.

check block list

Solution 4. Reinsert Sim Card

If the issue doesn't resolve yet, you have to check whether the sim card is correctly inserted. To reinsert the sim card, you first have to power off the iPhone.

Step 1. You need to hold the Volume and Side button for the iPhone with a Face ID. Hold the Power button for those without a Face ID for a while. Hold them until the "slide to power off" appears on the screen.

Step 2. Once the phone shuts down, take the sim out to check for scratches or other damage. Now, reinsert the sim card properly.

Step 3. For the iPhones without a Face ID, hold the Power button, and for those with a Face ID, hold the Volume & Side button until the Apple logo appears. That's all!

Solution 5. Set Date and Time

The date and time often won't be correct per your location, which ultimately leads to a call failing on your iPhone. You might have traveled to another location, so update the date and time to the correct time zone.

Go to "Settings", open the "General" tab and the "Date and Time" option. From here, enable the "Set Automatically" option. So you won't have to change the settings time and again.

set date and time

Solution 6. Try Updating Carrier Settings

You can update carrier settings to solve multiple issues like call failing, dropping, and more. Here is how to do it:

Connect your iPhone to WiFi or cellular data. After that, go to "Settings" and open "About" under the "General" section. You will get notified about the update. Click "Update", and all done!

update carrier settings

Solution 7. Check Network Settings

If your problem still needs to be fixed, consider resetting the network settings. Remember that this action will reset all the settings, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks.

Open the "General" tab in "Settings" and go to the "Reset" section. From here, click "Reset Network Settings" and type your passcode for confirmation. That's all!

Solution 8. Get the Latest iOS Version

The outdated iOS version can also be the reason for different problems, such as calls failing on your iPhone. You have to get the latest version by opening the "General" section from the "Settings" program and pressing "Software Update".

Solution 9. Factory Reset

Have you tried all the above options, and still, the calls are failing on your iPhone? One last option you can do yourself is to factory reset; however, it will result in data loss that you may not want.

To make this happen, expand the "General" settings under the main "Settings" and head to the "Reset" section. Hit the "Erase all Content and Settings", enter the passcode, and that's all!

factory reset

However, if the problem persists, contact your carrier or Apple store.

Why Are My Calls Failing on My iPhone

It's important to understand that there are multiple reasons to consider the moment when you keep asking, "why are my calls failing on my iPhone". Also, several factors can affect these reasons, i.e., network, iOS version, iPhone model, etc. Though it may seem difficult to detect the actual cause, the below list can aid you!

1. Sim Card Issue

If the sim card is placed incorrectly in your iPhone or there is any other malfunction, it will prevent you from making a call.

2. Low Balance

Have you checked the credit before trying to make a call? You must have enough credit; otherwise, recharge it to avoid calls failing issues.

3. Weak Signals

Behind getting your calls failed, there is a strong probability that the location from where you are making a call has a poor cellular network.

4. Incorrect Network Settings

Just like the cellular network, proper network settings are also necessary. The failure of its update or installation results in the calls failing on your iPhone. So check the settings once to detect the problem.

5. Software Problem

It is rare to have a call failed error because of a software problem, but it needs your consideration. If you have recently installed an iOS update, you must check if it's installed correctly and compatible with the other settings.

FAQs on Calls Failing on iPhone

Below are some frequently asked questions on calls failing on an iPhone. Let's look at them:

1. Why do I keep getting my call failed?

Though the call failed error is usually due to weak signals problem or software bugs, some other reasons must also be considered. For example, the damaged or incorrectly placed sim card, low or zero credit, wrong network settings, and more. So detecting the cause is crucial to fix the issue. 

2. How do you fix call failed on iPhone?

You can try various solutions one by one to fix the call failed issue on your iPhone. These include turning airplane mode on & off, turning the call forwarding off, restarting your iPhone, reinserting the sim card, updating iOS, resetting carrier settings, looking at the blocked contacts list, trying a factory reset, checking LTE & roaming, and the list goes on.

The Conclusion

The above article has explained all the reasons behind the error of calls failing on your iPhone. So instead of wondering, it becomes easier to go for the solution that best suits you after identifying the specific cause. Otherwise, you have to try all the fixes one by one. Ultimately, you will be able to fix the problem in the end. However, contact your iPhone carrier if nothing helps!



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