How to Silence Notifications on iPhone? [Detailed Steps]

Are you annoyed by an always bringing phone or the sound of notifications? Then this guide will tell you how to silence notifications on your iPhone so you can work in peace.

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Sofia Albert updated on Jul 24, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

Are you trying to conduct a digital detox? Nowadays, getting peace of mind is rare and constant notifications of your iPhone compel you to take a look. Besides, when you are at your job and the iPhone chimes, you can't help but be curious. And that causes distraction, leading to problems in your work. 

The ideal solution is to silence notifications while working or relaxing. That way, you can get away from the constant attention your device demands. With the incoming sounds silenced, you no longer need to stick by your device. 

But how do silence notifications on iPhone? Fortunately, there are different methods you can apply to keep your device silent. In this post, we will talk about silencing notifications. 

How to Silence Notifications on iPhone?

Do you want to know how to silence notifications on your iPhone? The process is easy and doesn't take much time. 

Here are the steps you need to follow –

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone. 

Step 2. Click on "Notifications." Here, you will find a list of apps. 

Step 3. Choose the apps whose notification alert you want to turn off.

Step 4. Go to Allow Notifications and turn the toggle off.

Silence Notifications on iPhone

Another way to ensure the notifications are silent is to use the Do Not Disturb mode. 

For that, these are the steps you must adopt –

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on the device. 

Step 2. Select "Focus."

Step 3. Press the "Do Not Disturb option."

Step 4. Now, turn on the toggle for "Do Not Disturb."

Turn on Do Not Disturb on iPhone

Note: You can also use Control Center to activate the Do Not Disturb Mode. For that, you need to tap on the half-moon icon.

How to Customize Notifications on iPhone?

Apart from completely silencing the notifications on your iPhone, you can do customizations too. There are various ways users can customize notifications on iPhones. 

Let's take a look at these methods. 

Method 1. Limiting the app while delivering notifications

Step 1. Go to Settings on the iPhone. 

Step 2. Click on "Notifications."

Open Notification Settings on iPhone

Step 3. Press the app you want to limit the notification. 

Step 4. Now, under alerts, you need to select "Lock Screen," "Notification Center," and "Banners."

Step 5. After that, you can turn the toggle on or off for Sounds and Badges.

Turn off notifications from iPhone

Method 2. Clearing all notifications for an app

Have you been avoiding notifications for some time? In that case, you can expect a massive list of notifications to pile up. Don't worry! You can clear these alerts with ease. 

Take a look at these steps –

Step 1. Open the Notification Center. For this, you can swipe down from the left-upper part of the screen. 

Step 2. Swipe the notification in the left direction to clear it. 

Step 3. Now, press the "Clear All" option. 

Step 4. If you want to clear all the notifications simultaneously, press the X button beside the Notification Center.

Clear Notifications from iPhone

Step 5. After that, press the Clear button to get rid of them simultaneously. 


Knowing how to silence notifications on iPhone is valuable information. Now, you can get peace of mind and relax without the device demanding constant attention. You can also focus more on your work. 

The steps to silence notifications on your iPhone are easy and hassle. All you have to do is follow these simple steps, and it's done! Apart from that, you can also customize notifications. 

Frequently Asked FAQs about Notifications on iPhone

Silencing notifications on iPhone is an easy task. Expand your knowledge by taking a look at these questions and answers –

1. Can you silence one person on iPhone?

Yes, you can silence one person on iPhone. You can do so by using Focus. From there, users can select the person and the app from where they want to silence the notification. 

2. How do I ignore someone on my iPhone without blocking them?

You can set up a silent ringtone to ignore someone on your iPhone without blocking them. You will get the call, but the phone won't ring. For that, go to Settings and then select Sound & Haptics. After that, press the Ringtone option and tap on Tone Store. Now, you can select the Silent Ringtone and download it. 

3. Is it better to block or ignore?

There is no correct answer to this question. It's entirely your perspective. For some people, blocking makes more sense as you send a clear message that you are not interested. But, some people want to avoid conflict and thus ignore calls or messages.