How to Solve Screen Mirroring Not Working [Highly Recommended]

Don't worry if you find various glitches while using screen mirroring. These problems have become very common. As long as your equipment is not damaged, you can solve it at home by yourself. This article provides you with detailed solutions to screen mirroring not working. We hope these methods can help you solve the problem smoothly.

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Do you really understand what is screen mirroring? Before introducing the solution to screen mirroring not working, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of what is screen mirroring. It's the magic technology that allows you to send audio/video from your smartphone, tablet, computer or another mobile device to a compatible TV or projector over WiFi. The purpose is to bring a better sensory experience. The method of use is not complicated, but many little problems may arise.

Nowadays, more and more users are looking for the solutions for "Why is screen mirroring not working on my Samsung TV?","Is there a quick way to fix screen mirroring not working?", or "Why is my TV always unable to recognize my iPhone?" In our daily life, screen mirroring is used more and more frequently. There will be many similar problems. How should we solve them? Read on.

The reasons for screen mirroring not working are very complicated. Probably not for one origin. Therefore, you need to choose the corresponding solution after understanding the main factors. If you also encounter the situation described above, you can refer to the following guide to solve your problem.

Why is My Screen Mirroring Not Working

There are many reasons for screen mirroring not working. We have summarized some of the most common causes. You can refer to the listed below to determine whether your device has the same problem.

Reason 1. The TV does not support screen mirroring/AirPlay.

Reason 2. The phone model is not compatible with the TV brand. Some old mobile phones currently on the market may not be compatible with TVs.

Reason 3. The WiFi network connection is unstable. Screen mirroring mainly connects mobile phones and TVs through WiFi. If the WiFi network is not working properly, it will cause the screen mirroring to fail.

Reason 4. Multiple devices use the screen mirroring function at the same time. Typically, only one device can be connected to a TV at a time. If multiple devices use the screen mirroring function at the same time, the function will not work.

Reason 5. The distance between the devices is too far or there are physical obstacles.

Reason 6. The device connection is disturbed by the Bluetooth signal. Or the settings of the device are wrong.

How to Solve Screen Mirroring Not Working

In response to the above situations, we have summarized the following 6 quick solutions. You can solve this problem by trying different methods.

Method 1. Check Device Compatibility with TV

The first prerequisite for screen mirroring to work is that the TV supports it. For Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other devices, you can obtain device information by viewing the product manual. If you are using iPhone/iPad, you can check whether your device can use screen mirroring by checking the official list of AirPlay compatibledevices provided by Apple.

checking the official list

Method 2. Check the WiFi Connection

The stability of your WiFi network is very important when you use screen mirroring. You can find ways to improve your network connection or contact a professional network repairer. At the same time, reducing the number of devices connected to WiFi and pausing some download tasks can also help you better solve the problem.

Method 3. Restart the TV

Among many solutions, restarting the TV is the easiest way. This function may not work properly due to network problems or signal failures. In this case, restarting device may effectively solve your problems. If you need to restart your TV, you can refer to the steps below.

Step 1. Turn off the TV with the remote control.

Step 2. Unplug the cable from the plug and leave the TV off for ten minutes.

Step 3. Plug in the cable and turn the TV back on.

turn off the tv

Method 4. Put the Phone Near the TV

Because the screen mirroring feature uses wireless technology, try to put your phone and TV as close as possible. Hold the phone close to the TV. At the same time, you need to remove physical barriers between devices. Then try to connect your phone and TV again.

put the phone near the tv

Method 5. Disable the Bluetooth Settings

The working principle of screen mirroring mainly relies on WiFi to connect two devices, so there is no need to use Bluetooth. Turning on Bluetooth may interfere with WiFi connections. It is therefore recommended that you turn off the Bluetooth function of TV. To solve this problem, you just need to open the settings option on your TV. Then click "Bluetooth Settings" and select "Turn off Bluetooth".

Method 6. Check the TV Settings

TV settings are very important. You'll need to make sure your TV input is set to screen mirroring, not HDMI. If your TV input is set to HDMI then you will never be able to cast your screen. You can make changes directly in the settings menu.

Screen Mirroring Not Working FAQs

The following two points are also of great concern to everyone. If you have the same question, you can refer to the answer below. Hope to help you.

1. How to Use Screen Mirroring?

First, you need to connect your device and TV to the same WiFi network. Then open the video you want to play on your phone. If you're using an iPhone/iPad, select the AirPlay option. If you are using another brand of device, click the Screen Mirroring option. Finally, select your TV on your phone.

2. Is it possible to do iOS 16 screen mirroring using Bluetooth?

Screen mirroring cannot use Bluetooth. Bluetooth can only help you transfer files between different devices. If you need to use the screen mirroring function, you can only connect your phone and TV via WiFi.

In the End

We believe that through the content of this article, you can have a clearer understanding of what screen mirroring is and how to solve "screen mirroring not working". When you encounter similar problems in the future, refer to the solutions provided in this article.