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Proven Methods: How to Restart iPhone X/XR/11/12/13 When Frozen

sofia albert
Sofia Albert updated on Dec 23, 2022 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

While iPhones are excellently optimized, they tend to freeze sometimes, just like their counterparts. It can be annoying when it happens. You can't do much when it is frozen, but you can restart it and turn on your iPhone again in its normal state.

When this happens, you must force restart your iPhone, but how do you restart an iPhone that has frozen? To know how to continue reading!

Why Is My iPhone Frozen

Unlike smartphones from other manufacturers, which are notorious for occasionally freezing, freezing on your iPhone is extremely rare. If your iPhone freezes, it can be because of one of these reasons:

  • Your iPhone is low on space
  • Your iPhone is low on battery
  • The app you're using can be unoptimized
  • You haven't updated the OS in a long time
  • There's an issue in the background, and you need to restart it

What to Do to Restart a Frozen iPhone

So here are some of the solutions that you should try when your iPhone freezes:

Solution 1. Force Restart

When your iPhone freezes in an app or the whole phone is frozen, restart it forcefully to get it back to working normally. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Quickly press the volume up and volume down buttons, and immediately press and hold the power button.

Step 2. Drag the slider that is on "Slide to power off" from the right to the left and wait for your iPhone to turn off.

Step 3. Allow a few seconds and turn on your phone again by pressing and holding the power button until you see the Apple logo.

slide to power off

Solution 2. Free Storage Space

If you force-restarted your iPhone and you don't want it to freeze ever again, delete the apps that you aren't using anymore.

It's pretty simple to delete apps on your iPhone. If all the apps are on your home screen, simply tap and hold on the app, then tap "Delete," and that's about it.

Otherwise, you can also delete it from "Settings." Here's how:

Step 1. Open "Settings."

Step 2. Tap on "General" and then open "iPhone Storage."

Step 3. Now, delete the apps you don't want by tapping on the app and then sliding your finger from left to right and tapping on the "Delete App" option.

delete apps under iPhone Storage

Solution 3. Reset all settings

After you free some space on your iPhone, reset all the settings on your iPhone that are probably causing it to malfunction in the first place. Since we don't know what's malfunctioning, we are resetting all the settings.

Here's how:

Step 1. Open "Settings" and tap on "General."

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on "Transfer or Reset iPhone."

Open the Reset settings menu

Step 3. Tap on "Reset," followed by "Reset All Settings."

reset iPhone's settings

Step 4. Your iPhone will reset its settings and restart during this process.

Step 5. Once the iPhone turns on, enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone.

Solution 4. Drain the battery

If your iPhone is bricked completely, drain the battery completely and then charge it again and power it back on. This should technically fix the issue, but there's a lot of patience involved with this solution. If you don't want to wait until your iPhone's battery dies, you can go to your nearest Apple service center or genius bar.

The Final Verdict

The iPhone is just like any other phone that uses similar hardware components and software built using similar programming languages. It can at times freeze, stutter, and turn off randomly, just like any other smartphone.

The reason why the iPhone is much better compared to other smartphones is that it is well-optimized, but that doesn’t mean it won’t run into errors.

If your iPhone froze, try our solutions mentioned above to fix it, and that should help.

We hope we were successful in helping and answering your question, "How to restart the iPhone when frozen." If we were, let us know by commenting!

FAQs About iPhone Problems

Do you have any additional questions about iPhone problems? We answer everything about it here.

1. How do you force the shutdown of an iPhone?

Our first solution explains this briefly. Make sure you check it out again to know how.

2. Why is My iPhone frozen and won't do anything?

It can be because of an unoptimized app or because you're running low on space on your iPhone.

3. Why is the iPhone 11 screen frozen and can't turn off?

If your iPhone 11 does not turn off, restarting it should do the trick. Check out our first solution and follow the steps to turn off your iPhone.



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