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My iPhone Is Frozen and Won't Turn Off or Reset | Solved

Myra updated on Dec 27, 2022 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

Mobiles are the very centre of everyone's life. We use them all day long for almost everything, but what if your iPhone is frozen and won't turn off, that would be quite a problem. Suddenly, you see your iPhone acting glitchy, the screen gets frozen, and it won't even power off or shut down. So, let us know why your iPhone is acting weird and won't turn off and a few simple ways to fix it.

Why Is iPhone Frozen and Won't Turn Off or Reset

If you are to find the root cause of this problem, there are multiple reasons. To make it easy, the problem might arise due to five primary reasons: software glitches, faulty applications, power button problems, update bugs, and a non-responsive screen.

If we can work out solutions to solve these reasons, you can get back your iPhone working like before.

7 Ways to Fix iPhone Frozen and Won't Turn Off or Reset

As we discussed, we must work out solutions to rectify the issues. Some methods include changing your device settings, and some can even make you lose all your data.

We will go from the easiest ones to the advanced ones to get your iPhone to unfreeze and work like normal. A lot of things also depend on the iPhone model you are using. Just try them out one by one to the end to see if it works for your phone.

1. Hard Restart Your iPhone

The first thing people try to do if there is anything wrong with electronic devices is to restart them. But how can you do it if your iPhone froze? We have to perform a hard restart to do it. This might differ based on the model you are using, so if you are confused, try checking on the net.

Step 1. For iPhone models earlier than 7, you can use the Home button and Sleep button at a time until the power off slider appears.

Step 2. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, use Volume Down and Sleep buttons to complete the restart.

Step 3. For iPhone 8 and later, press the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Sleep buttons to restart your phone.

hard restart

2. Delete Faulty apps

If you are experiencing screen issues while using a particular app or apps, then deleting those apps would just do fine.

In most cases, apps not approved by the official app store will cause such problems, do check for authenticity if you are downloading anything out of the App store.

3. Update the IOS

If the phone freezing is frequent and you can use the iPhone, you need to ensure there are no pending software updates on your phone.

Apple frequently releases updates to fix issues in the software. It will be rectified if the freezing issue is due to such a glitch.

Step 1. Go to Settings and navigate to General Settings.


Step 2. Click on Software update and check for updates on your phone, if there are any updates available, click on Download and Install.

4. Reset all Settings to Default on your phone

While using our phones, we make a lot of changes to the internal settings resulting in ambiguity a lot of times so a simple reset might work sometimes.

This method will reset all the settings on your phone to default as a new one. This won't cause any data loss.

Step 1. Go to the settings and Navigate to General settings.

reset all

Step 2. Go to the Reset iPhone section, click on Reset and choose Reset All Settings.

5. Restore your iPhone (Data Loss)

If you are still facing the issue or your screen is frozen and cannot perform anything, then you have to go for this advanced step. In this method, we will use iTunes and a PC to restore the iPhone, which may result in data loss, so keep your data backed up before going for this.

This action will reset your iPhone to factory settings, so think twice before doing it.

Steps to restore iPhone using iTunes:

Step 1. Connect your frozen iPhone and a computer using the lightning port.

Step 2. Open iTunes on the computer

Step 3. Make sure to keep your iPhone in recovery mode. You can find the steps to push your mobile into recovery mode online.


Step 4. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click on Restore iPhone to start the unfreezing process.

6. Restore Your iPhone (Without Data Loss) using System Repair Tool

You are scared to perform the previous method due to data loss if nothing has worked. This could be the solution to all of the problems, and it will make the screen freezing go away. A system recovery tool can identify the problem in the devices without any data loss.

Let us know the steps to restore iPhone using system repair tools:

Step 1. Download and Launch the system repair tool on your PC.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the recovery mode using the lightning cable.

Step 3. Click on the Start button, and choose Standard Repair. Do not opt for "Deep Repair," as it might result in data loss.

Step 4. Click on Download to start downloading the latest firmware, and once done, click on "Start Standard Repair."

Once the process is done, the phone will restart automatically. Make sure the iPhone is connected to the PC throughout the process.

7. Apple Customer Support

If you have tried all of the above fixes and are still facing the problem, try contacting Apple Customer Support. The reason could be due to hardware issues or broken components.


You can go to the nearest Apple service centre to get it fixed. There are no solutions for hardware damages, and you have to get them replaced.


If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment. These are some of the frequently asked queries regarding iPhone Screen freezing issues.

1. How do I force my iPhone to turn off without resetting it?

If you are unable to do it using the screen, we can use the buttons to get it done. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at a time, until the Power off slider appears. Drag it down to turn your phone off.

2. What happens when force reset doesn't work on iPhone?

If a force reset is not working, then the final fix you can try is to update the software by pushing the device into recovery mode. Connect it to a PC and use iTunes or a third-party tool to restore the iPhone.

3. What to do if your iPhone won't turn off and you can't open any apps?

If none of the apps is working, long press the side buttons to activate Siri and ask Siri to switch on the Assertive touch. Redirect the iPhone to restart using the assertive touch.

Final Verdict

There are multiple reasons why your iPhone frozen and won't turn off, and we need to apply solutions to rectify those issues. Once they are done, you can get your screen to work like normal. If none of them works, the restore option will definitively work. Follow the steps and keep data loss methods in mind before trying them.

If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and leave a comment about it. If you have any queries regarding the topic, feel free to ask them in the comment box, and do let me know of the future issues you wish to see articles from us.



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