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iPhone X Stuck on Apple Logo: How to Fix It

Myra updated on Mar 10, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

Were you playing a game on your iPhone X when it suddenly shut down and now stuck on the Apple logo? Or were you simply browsing in Safari when it restarted, but it's now stuck on the Apple logo?

It can be extremely frustrating, and we know you're clueless as to why this happened. But don't worry; continue reading as we're going to share solutions on what to do when your iPhone 10 is stuck on the Apple logo.

How to Fix iPhone X Stuck on Apple Logo [Top 2 Ways]

Here are the top 2 solutions that you should try to fix your iPhone X that's stuck on the Apple logo.

When your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, you don't have many options to try. But there are a few options that can work even if your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo. Continue reading as we discuss them below.

1. Force restart your iPhone X

Force-restarting your iPhone will shut it down when it's stuck on the Apple logo. Try this, because it could be a bug in the software that got your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

Here's how to hard reset your iPhone X:

Step 1. Press and release the volume up and down buttons.

Step 2. Immediately, press the power button and keep holding it.

Step 3. Slide the slider "Slide to power off" from left to right.

Step 4. Don't worry if you don't see the slider but your iPhone shuts down; you've just force-restarted it without the need to slide the slider.

power off

This should reset your iPhone, but if this solution didn't help, here's the next solution you can try to fix your iPhone that's stuck on the Apple logo.

2. Update iPhone X in Recovery Mode

For this method, you need a computer. If you have a Windows PC, download iTunes to proceed.

Now, here's what you need to do:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone X to your computer.

Step 2. Press and release the volume up and down buttons quickly.

Step 3. Press and hold the power button.

Step 4. Once you see "Connect to iTunes" text on your iPhone when it restarts, select the "Update" option on your PC/Mac.

recovery mode

Step 5. If you see the latest available update for your iPhone, click "Download and Update."

Step 6. Allow some time for your iPhone to upgrade with the latest update.

iPhone X Stuck on Apple Logo: Possible Reasons

The iPhone X, Apple's first phone with an OLED display and the infamous "notch," was ridiculed a lot for its design aspect by its competitors as well as by the general public. Yet, the iPhone X was one of the most successful iPhone models ever for Apple, with record sales number.

Apart from the iPhone X getting stuck on the logo, most users have complained about even more problems, such as the green line on their iPhone X devices.

Maybe it was a major design, manufacturing, or production lapse on Apple's or its manufacturers' end.

But, no worries, we're here to help you. But before we help you out, we need to first determine what's causing your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo.

In our research, these were the most common reasons that we've found that drove iPhone X users' phones to get stuck on the Apple logo:

  • A damaged hardware component
  • The iPhone's battery is misbehaving
  • Your iPhone was updating the OS in the background, but it got stuck
  • Maybe you were backing up or restoring your iPhone's data but interrupted the process, which is causing your iPhone X to be stuck on the Apple logo.
  • You attempted to jailbreak your iPhone
  • Software glitch
  • The current iOS version of your iPhone is corrupted

Now that we know a few reasons why your iPhone X could be getting stuck on the Apple logo, let us now show you how to fix it.

FAQs on iPhone X Stuck on Apple Logo

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the iPhone X stuck on the Apple logo.

1. What do I do if my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo and won't turn on?

Force restart your iPhone and it should turn off the iPhone. Then power it back on to see if it's booting up and functioning normally now.

2. Why is my iPhone 10 only showing the Apple logo?

Your iPhone shows the Apple logo only when it is booting up. If it's stuck on the Apple logo, the software version that is currently installed on your iPhone could be corrupted and misbehaving. Updating your iPhone to the latest version should help.

3. How do I fix a stuck Apple logo endless reboot?

Try to upgrade the software of your iPhone in recovery mode or take it to the nearest Apple-authorized service center.

The Conclusion

If your iPhone suddenly rebooted and got stuck on the iPhone logo, it can be due to various reasons, some of which we explained above. 

It can be fixed at home by following our solutions that are mentioned; if that doesn't help, your last resort is to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple authorized service center. The staff at the service center will inspect the device thoroughly and troubleshoot the problem accordingly.



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