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iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes? 6 Working Solutions Here!

sofia albert
Sofia Albert updated on Mar 16, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

iTunes is a must-have companion tool for Apple devices. If you are into the Apple ecosystem, then it is a necessity. iTunes helps devices like iPhones, and Apple watches can utilize this tool to do updates, management, reset, and more. However, sometimes the devices do not show up in iTunes. It really cannot detect the devices when you try to connect them. So, how do you solve this? How do you solve your iPhone not showing up on iTunes?

As with all other problems, you need to first figure out the reason for it. In this case, you need to see what exactly is causing the iPhone to not appear on iTunes. And this can be caused due to various reasons. Many technical and not-so-technical reasons could have caused this to happen. Sometimes, there can be issues with the cable, the iTunes app itself, the ports of your computer, device permissions, and more. 

Let us take a look at all fixes and also those possible causes.

How To Fix iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes [6 Ways]

As with any problem, there are also some solutions. Although you can simply apply the exact solution when you have figured out the problem, you can also apply the below solutions one by one if you are not sure what exactly is the issue with your iPhone connection.

1. Check & Replace the Cable

If you find any issue with the cable when examining it, you can fix it if possible or better replace it. Most of the time, cables get broken inside due to bending and twisting regularly at the same point. So, it is always a safe bet to take another similar cable and check with it. Once you are sure the cable is at fault, you can simply buy another cable. Also, make sure that the cable is a data cable and not only a power cable.

2. Get Permission Granted

Apple is very conscious of the privacy and safety of its customers and users. So, it always displays the permission popup before it lets the computer detect it. Unlock your iPhone and check the screen right after connecting it to the computer for the popup. Once you see the "Trust This Computer" popup, simply click Trust, and it should now connect it to iTunes.

trust this computer

3. Reset Location and Privacy

Step 1. Open your iPhone and go to the "Settings" app.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on "General" and then "Reset".

Step 3. Again, scroll down to the bottom and tap "Reset Location & Privacy."

reset location and privacy

This will undo the earlier mistake, and when you connect the iPhone to the computer, you will again see the popup. Make sure you tap "Trust" this time.

4. Update iTunes

The outdated iTunes app also causes the "iPhone not showing up in iTunes" issue. Simply download the new version of the iTunes app for Apple or Windows and install it.

5. Check/Change the Port

If you find any issue with the port on your iPhone or the computer, you need to clean it first properly and try connecting again. You can try a different port on the same computer to see if it works there. If it is still not working properly, you may have to repair it in the service center.

6. Try in Another Computer

If nothing works and you cannot figure out the issue, you may want to try it on another computer. This will give you an idea if the issue is with the computer or the iPhone. You can then proceed accordingly.

Why Is My iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

There can be dozens of reasons that may cause your iPhone to not show up in the iTunes app. We have listed and explained some of the possible reasons which must be causing your iPhone not to show up in iTunes.

Damaged Cable

More often than not, it's the cable's fault. If you dive into the Apple community posts on different forums, you will realize that the cable is the key reason for many of the issues regarding iPhone-Other device connection. 

You need to check if your cable is not broken and is working correctly. There is also another chance that you are using a power cable, not a data cable. So, check if the cable is a data cable or a power cable, is broken, and also see if the cable is properly connected to the computer.

iPhone Is Switched Off

iPhones need to be turned on when connecting to iTunes. Many people may think that even a turned-off iPhone will connect to the computer, but it doesn't. Also, sometimes you may have mistakenly turned off the iPhone before connecting to iTunes. So, just make sure the iPhone is turned on and can detect the connection.

And also, just make sure your iPhone is unlocked. A locked iPhone will not be detected by iTunes for apparent reasons. Just unlock the iPhone and put it on Home Screen and not any App Screen.

Permission Not Granted

Whenever you connect your iPhone to a computer, it will ask you to trust the computer. Just after plugging the iPhone into a computer, you will be hit by a message "Trust This Computer" and options "Trust" & "Don't Trust." This is a privacy thing in which the phone is asking permission from you to trust the computer before exposing itself to it.

Outdated iTunes

iTunes app is always updating and rolling out with new features. Since it is ever evolving, it is necessary to see if you have the latest iTunes app. If your iTunes app is outdated, it may not work properly with the iPhone and may not detect any devices, even if all other connections are correct. You can also check the version of the iTunes app to confirm.

Ports Not Working

Another common reason you can find for these types of issues is that the ports are not working. The USB or type-c port on your computer and your iPhone should be working properly for the connection to work. The ports are very easily covered with dust and dirt, which then leads to them not working properly. Sometimes, there can be a technical issue with the ports either on your computer or on your iPhone.

All the above-mentioned causes are frequent and most likely ones to cause "iPhone not showing up in iTunes." There can also be many other reasons that can cause it besides the mentioned ones.

FAQs on iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes

Besides the iPhone not showing up in iTunes, other similar questions need an answer too. You can take a look at the below questions and their answers to understand more about iTunes.

1. How Do I Find My iPhone on iTunes?

You can find your iPhone on iTunes in the top-left corner of the iTunes window. If there are multiple devices, you can click the device icon and select the device.

2. How Do I Manually Connect My iPhone To iTunes?

To manually connect your iPhone to iTunes, you can simply connect the iPhone to a computer with a data cable, open the iTunes app, tap on the devices option and select your device.

3. Why Is the Device Icon Not Showing In iTunes?

If the device icon is not showing in iTunes, then the device is not being detected by the computer or the iTunes app. You can ensure the connection is correct by checking the device and the cable. If everything is okay, it should now show the device icon.

The Conclusion

Therefore, there are many reasons for your "iPhone not showing up in iTunes" that are technical as well as common errors. However, the solution presented in this article should be able to solve it properly. So, simply find the correct reason and apply the solutions. You will be able to fix it in no time.



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