iCloud Backup Not Working? Click for 6 Fixes

You need not worry if your iCloud backup stops working. This article explains why iCloud backup not working and how to fix this problem. In addition, it goes on to answer the frequently asked questions about this topic.

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Sometimes it gets frustrating when you keep seeing an alert that says there is not enough iCloud storage or "backup cannot be completed." Other times, your iCloud backup can become grayed out or take longer than expected. If any of these descriptions describe your current experience, you need not worry.

Troubleshooting iCloud backup not working is quite easy, and this article discusses just that. In addition, it discusses the reasons your iCloud backup is not working and goes on to answer some FAQs on the problem. Let us begin by looking at why your iCloud backup stopped working.

How to Fix iCloud Backup Not Working

There are several fixes for iCloud backup, not working issues, depending on the cause of the problem. In this section, we explain six different methods that can help you resolve it completely.

Method 1: Check iCloud Storage

It is logical to think one of the reasons your iCloud backup is not working is due to low storage space. This is especially true if you have over 5 GB of data on the iPhone. To check and manage the iCloud storage, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the iPhone settings.

Step 2. Go to iCloud and check storage.

Step 3. If the storage is full, click "Manage Storage."

Step 4. You have the option to remove some data from iCloud or purchase more iCloud storage.

click icloud storage

Method 2. Check the Wi-Fi Connection

To successfully backup up your iCloud account, you need to connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes you connect, but the internet is insecure or not strong enough to handle the file size. The steps below will help you check the Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1. Open the iPhone settings.

Step 2. Open the Wi-Fi Settings from the top.

Step 3. Tap the connection to join a Wi-Fi network.

Step 4. Type in the password required by the network before hitting "Join."

Method 3: Sign Out of iCloud, then Sign in Again

Sometimes it is not because you have the wrong iCloud ID that your backup malfunctions; it could be a technical issue with your signing in. In this case, you may need to sign in again to iCloud. This helps reset your device's Wi-Fi connection. The steps below will help you achieve that.

Step 1. From the iPhone settings, go to your iPhone name.

Step 2. Click "Sign Out" under your Apple ID.

Step 3. Then, supply the Apple ID and password if required.

Step 4. You may need to disable the "Find My iPhone" application.

Step 5. Click "Sign Out."

Step 6. Finally, sign in again to your iPhone with your Apple ID and password.

sign out

Method 4: Check your Power Source

Another reason your iCloud stopped working could be that it's not plugged into a power source. iCloud backup gets stuck without a power source. Confirm using another gadget if the power source is working, because the problem might be with the charging cable. You may need to replace the charging cable if you discover it is the issue.

icloud backup

Method 5: Reset iPhone Settings

Trying methods 1-4 might not resolve your iCloud backup not working issue, so you may need to reset your entire device to its default settings. The following steps will help you do that.

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings.

Step 2. Open "General."

Step 3. Go to "Transfer or Reset iPhone."

Step 4. Then, click "Reset All Settings."

Step 5. Check to see if the iCloud backup is now working; if not, go to Method 6.

reset all settings

Method 6: Restart your iPhone

Generally, restarting any device resets it and resolves most application issues. Therefore, restarting your iPhone might just be all you need. To restart your iPhone successfully, follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1. Press and hold both the Power and Volume buttons to get the shutdown prompt.

Step 2. When the slider appears, move it to the right to turn off the device.

Step 3. Press the Power button again to turn on your iPhone again.

Step 4. Try backing up the iCloud again and see if the issue is resolved.

restart your iphone

Why My iCloud Backup Not Working

There are many reasons your iCloud backup is not working, some of which are a poor Wi-Fi connection, full storage, and an iCloud ID that stopped working. Several fixes exist for these issues, but let us first highlight why iCloud backup stops working in general.

  • iCloud storage is full, which makes it impossible to create a backup file.
  • disconnected Wi-Fi, which makes it impossible for iCloud to back up your media.
  • Different iCloud accounts; in this case, you must log out and log in again with the proper account details.

Now, let's go on to learn how to fix these problems.

FAQs on iCloud Backup Not Working

Perhaps you have other questions not covered by the body of this article; our FAQs will help you.

1. Why is my iPhone Backup not finishing?

Your iPhone backup not finishing could be caused by a weak connection to the Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, the speed of your internet is too slow. Other reasons could be due to an intermittent internet connection or a disconnect from the power source. If, after resolving all these issues with our fixes, iCloud backup still won't work, archive your important data and contact Apple Support.

2. How do I force an iCloud backup on my iPhone?

The first thing to do is to plug your iPhone into a power source. Then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and click your name, then select iCloud.
  • Click iCloud Backup.
  • Finally, tap Backup Now.

3. Why is my iPhone taking 2 hours to backup?

If, after confirming your iPhone is connected to a good power source and a strong Wi-Fi network, you notice it is taking too long to back up, Then, it is due to too much data or large files backing up. When you have too many media files, like videos, photos, documents, and so on, it can take up to 2 hours.

The Conclusion

The iCloud backup not working is a common problem for many iPhone users. However, it is not impossible to fix for you. This article has explained why you are having this problem as well as six practical solutions to the problem.