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How to Make a Collage on iPhone with 3 Simple Apps

Gorilla updated on Dec 29, 2022 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

iPhone has long been known around the world for its camera technology. Many iPhone users are passionate about making beautiful pictures on iPhones. To create attractive graphics, we can add an overlay to photo, add music to picture, or make a collage.

And when we want to share a bunch of pictures on our social platform, the first thing that comes to our mind is making a collage. In this article, we will talk about how to make a collage on iPhone. Now let's get it!

Part 1. Overview of How to Make a Collage on iPhone

Make a collage

Collage is a technique of art creation. Making a collage is a basic and simple operation for photo processing. In our daily life, we often require this skill to upload our collages to platforms for sharing, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, to obtain some fun of creation and sharing.

If you not only want to make a collage on iPhone but also combine video to upload to your social platforms, here we recommend EaseUS Video Editor for you. With this efficient video editor tool, you can also insert a picture into a video on Windows. Once you master these valuable skills, your picture or videos will look more professional and attractive.

Let's stay on point. There are a few tools we can use to help to make a collage.

Method 1. How to Make a Collage on iPhone with Canva


Canva is a graphic design platform that is used to make graphics and presentations. Thousands of professional collage templates are readymade and available for users to choose from in Canva.

You can use these photo collage templates for most scenarios, such as festive, corporate activities, or promotion campaigns. They are highly customizable and flexible. With just a few clicks in the Canva app, you can make a beautiful collage on your iPhone.

How to make a photo collage on iPhone with Canva:

Step 1. Download Canva from the App Store > Install > Register and log in.

Step 2. In Canva, tap More from the top Menu.

Step 3. From the "Try something new" menu, select Photo Collage.

Step 4. Select a template you like from the collage templates list (Most templates are free).

Step 5. Then tap on one sample image of the template, and select Replace button below to replace it with the local picture stored on your iPhone.

Step 6. Then replace the rest sample images as above.

Step 7. Tap the Save button to save the photo collage on your iPhone.

You can also edit text, change background colors, or apply some effects when you make a collage in Canva. And if you don't want to download the Canva app on your iPhone, its online platform is also available for you.

If you also want to make some popular GIFs, here's how to combine GIFs. You can also refer to Best Gif Maker to make distinguished GIFs.

Method 2. How to Make a Collage on iPhone with Layout


Compared to versatile Canva, Instagram Layout is simpler and easier to make a phone collage on iPhone. In Canva, you don't need to import your photos. This photo collage maker can automatically access your photo library and extract all the photos stored on your iPhone. Even more amazing is that you can arrange your photos here based on the Faces or Recents category.

How to make a photo collage on iPhone with Instagram Layout:

Step 1. Download Layout from the App Store > Install and open it.

Step 2. You will see the photos from the Library on your iPhone. You are allowed to sort photos by tapping Faces or Recents at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Then select photos that you want to make a collage.

Step 4. Choose from various collage templates at the top of the screen.

Step 5. Pinch two fingers open or closed across the screen to zoom in or out.

Step 6. You can also rotate, replace a photo, or add a border to a photo.

This collage maker is designed to allow users to make photos and share them on social media directly. So when you're done with your pictures, you can tap Instagram or Facebook to share them online, or tap Save to the iPhone on the bottom of the screen.

After you're done with a photo collage, you can also use free software to transfer photos from iPhone to PC if you want to back up your photos to your PC.

Method 3. How to Make a Collage on iPhone with Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo-sharing and storage platform developed by Google. In addition to making a collage, Google Photos analyzes and organizes images into groups and can identify outstanding features such as beaches, mountains, or buildings. So this photos app is a versatile and handy service. Now we will use this photo service to make a collage.

How to make a collage on iPhone using Google Photos:

Step 1. Download it from the App Store > Open it.

Step 2. Tap Library in the Google Photos app.

Step 3. Select Utilities at the top of the screen.

Step 4. Scroll down and tap Collage under the CREATE NEW option.

Step 5. This will open a photos gallery and you are allowed to choose 2–9 photos from the photo list.

Step 6. Then tap Create in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 7. The collage will be automatically saved to your iPhone.


In this article, we have introduced how to make a collage on iPhone with Canva, Layout, and Google Photos. These three collage makers are also available for Android users.

Canva benefits from its bountiful collage templates. Layout is known for its simplicity and is designed for social media sharing. While Google Photos comes with a lot of exclusive features. Choose the proper app to make a collage on your iPhone based on your needs.

FAQs on How to make a collage on iPhone

For more information about how to make a collage on iPhone, refer to the frequently asked questions below. We hope this section clears all the doubts and sets you free. Let's check FAQs now.

1. Can I make a collage on iPhone without an app?

A lot of faithful iPhone users are attracted by iPhone's great camera technology. But unfortunately, there's still no built-in photo collage maker on iPhone. So it is recommended to download a third-party photo collage service.

2. How long can you use Canva for free?

Canva Pro and Canva for Teams are available for a free 30-day trial. To activate your Canva Pro or Canva for Teams account, you'll need to enter a credit card or preferred payment option. You won't be charged if you decide to end your trial at any point.



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